there’s something about roy i can’t put my finger on (rbnfitness_)

ramses is “angelina jolie”.
roy is “megan fox”.
^that’s roy in the above shot.

when megan came on the scene,
they were trying to make her the new “angelina”.

they looked similar,
but also very different.
as someone i know stated:

“megan is angelina,
but more plastic.”

that’s how i feel when i see roy,
even though he is sexy af

there is something about him that reminds me of ramses.
not with facials,
but the way their igs are set up.
roy’s pics are shot much more luminous than ramses.
instead of lips tho,
they both thirst trap with their big tails.
even though i think ramses has the best tail,
roy is coming in real close with his…

someone is inspired by someone.
it’s pretty obvious.

lowkey: am i bugging?

check: ramses
check: roy

am i the only one who sees it?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “there’s something about roy i can’t put my finger on (rbnfitness_)”

  1. All these dudes look the same to me. These gym guys are so dull to watch to me. Where they post vids of them working out…I’m like, “Is that all?” I think I may have had one bf so long ago that had “muscles”. He played football and ran track. He was nice dark chocolate something indeed. I wonder what he’s doing these days..🤔

    Anyways, hey Jamari, how have you been holding uo these couple of weeks. Remaining positive and focused I hope.

    1. ^ill be honest but last weekend,
      i was a little down.
      i needed to take a break from everything.
      i feel better and trying to get back into my regular groove.
      thank you for checking in and inquiring.
      that means a lot.

      1. I see. Well, keep your head up. I had a draining last week as well..Energy was low but I got myself back in gear.. sometimes you need a little breathing room.

  2. I like them both. They both seem like the typical Miami gym dude though. Short shorts and fitted clothes and low cuts.

    I mean at least they have the body to show for it because in Texas its rare to find a Hispanic with any shape.

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