there’s something about roy i can’t put my finger on (rbnfitness_)

ramses is “angelina jolie”.
roy is “megan fox”.
^that’s roy in the above shot.

when megan came on the scene,
they were trying to make her the new “angelina”.

they looked similar,
but also very different.
as someone i know stated:

“megan is angelina,
but more plastic.”

that’s how i feel when i see roy,
even though he is sexy af
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Roy, The Ramses Competition?


so foxhole,
^this is roy of rbnfitness.
say “hi”.
so as you know,
ramses prinicpe of mia fitness is a foxhole favorite.
( x check the archives )
he has the bawdy and the bunz of steel.
well of course,
he will have others who are doing the same thing.
they will have the same credentials and look.
well a foxholer sent me roy and i had to say
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