Roy, The Ramses Competition?


so foxhole,
^this is roy of rbnfitness.
say “hi”.
so as you know,
ramses prinicpe of mia fitness is a foxhole favorite.
( x check the archives )
he has the bawdy and the bunz of steel.
well of course,
he will have others who are doing the same thing.
they will have the same credentials and look.
well a foxholer sent me roy and i had to say


well see he is cute,
his bawdy is sculpted,
and the bunz look juicy
but ramses will always have a special place in my burning loins.
he is #1 for right now in this “package”.
roy is attractive tho.
i’d let him drink supplements in my bed.

pictures and video credited: instagram

get personal training from roy: rbnfitness

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Roy, The Ramses Competition?”

  1. Nah. Nobody seeing Ramses right now. He has that permanent tan going on he doesn’t look strained when he takes pics. Too much effort of Roy’s part.

      1. Ramses definitely got this dude beat…but I wouldn’t turn him down/away! LOL
        What kills me is all of these guys are personal and online trainers…but most of them have no certification. I’m more inclined to go with someone certified because they will generally know more about the body, health and nutrition.
        Most of these guys are going with what works for THEM, and they should know that not everyone’s body and metabolism is the same…so what works for them may not necessarily work for everyone. At least I would HOPE that they know that.

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