Let Prince Inspire U

tumblr_n6v0s12GJs1tuy8zto2_1280prince has still been effecting me.
i cannot believe he died the way he did.
i always thought prince would live to be like 100.
like rose nyland,
he would do random pop ups in his old age and be gone like a ghost.
57 is just way too young.
it makes me sad all of our black legends died so lonely
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Don’t B Grabbin’ On Trey Songz So Hard!

tumblr_nbepqztqJF1qa7k60o4_r1_500tumblr_nbepqztqJF1qa7k60o1_500tumblr_nbepqztqJF1qa7k60o2_500you ever did/said something,
someone ended up goin off on you,
and you were left with the red face?

red face (v) = that look you give when yo ass gets embarrassed

terror mari does it on #lhhhollywood quiet often.
well trey songz had to give one of his “angels” the red face last night.
trey turned 30 and was having a party at a spot in va.
i guess an angel was grabbin too hard on his leg and well…
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How To Suck His Soul Out Of His Pipe… Taught By A Vixen?

this entry is a f0xmail,
but not really.
i got an email from an faithful f-bi had a video to share with me.
part of his email read:

“I needed to share this video because it BLEW MY MIND to say the least. Its this lady giving a blowjob tutorial, and when I say shes doing some freaky-ass sh*t, dude…whoa, lol. Ive seen alot done in porn clips, but damn. I thought you and your crew would have a definite field day with this one”

i know you foxes/wolves/and hybrids love a good throat tutorial.

get ready for this video…

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