How To Suck His Soul Out Of His Pipe… Taught By A Vixen?

this entry is a f0xmail,
but not really.
i got an email from an faithful f-bi had a video to share with me.
part of his email read:

“I needed to share this video because it BLEW MY MIND to say the least. Its this lady giving a blowjob tutorial, and when I say shes doing some freaky-ass sh*t, dude…whoa, lol. Ive seen alot done in porn clips, but damn. I thought you and your crew would have a definite field day with this one”

i know you foxes/wolves/and hybrids love a good throat tutorial.

get ready for this video…

(or press here)

she looks like her name would be “yvette“.
she also looks like the hood cousin who does hair in her kitchen.
i really like how intelligent she came off.
i also thought she was going to eat the fake pipe with this lesson.
she definitely kept me interested in what she was saying.
the noises tho….?

what did you think of yvette’s throat lesson foxhole?

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “How To Suck His Soul Out Of His Pipe… Taught By A Vixen?”

  1. I liked it. It was very explicit an exciting to watch coming from a freak who loves to learn all I can about my mans dick….

  2. Her name is Angel. It’s funny how every girl with that name is the complete opposite. I knew a girl name Angel once, real talk. I didn’t fuck with her tho. She got around the block and back lol.

  3. She deserves an Oscar nod for that performance there. The fact that she kept a straight face while swallowing that dildo whole is a skill in itself. I will now start every encountr with the line PUT YOUR DI*K BETWEEN YOUR LEGS! Lol.

  4. Ol girl looked like any ordinary person at first, but it quickly took a turn. She sounded like a rabid raccoon.

  5. LMAO!!!!! I saw this, this woman is a mess… some where good techniques, but a few i know will get yo ass popped!

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