super caked up, von miller, might also be a super mess too

do straight males know where babies come from?
do they understand that because of not wearing a condom,
and having raw sex with a weak pull-out game,
it will sperm-inate an egg?
not only that,
a lot of males don’t ever know when vixens are ovulating and slide up in their coochie’s raw.
nfl baller wolf/might be jackal,
von miller,
clearly needs to be educated.
he got blasted by his ex,
megan denise and…

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Eloseeoh Doesn’t Want Any Of The Gays Looking At His Meat

handsome with #hairgoals,
but filtered to oblivion.
of course,
there is a big ol “but” to this entry.
so i never heard of ^this attentionisto before.
his name is “eloseeoh”,
and of course,
he loves the attention

…but he only wants it from straight vixens.
tumblr blog,
posted ( x this video ) from his “onlyfans” page.
eloseeoh sent an alleged message that went something like this…
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Russell Simmons, His Alleged “Jackal Pack”, and The Kumbaya Email

the cards are all crashing down.
who knew one jackal would cause alla this to happen?
so we’lll get into ^that in a sec.
it ties together nicely later.

as i fonted to you before,
terry crews had ( x his own story about sexual harassment ).
sidebar: aunt wendy pissed me off with this about him…

not for nothing,
i don’t think you’re brave staying with your philandering hyena of a husband.
we letting you cook with your truth and you should let terry with his.
i mean…

anyway when you go about a take down of a hyena or jackal,
you’ll have many that will be against you.
they tend to have a lot of friends or stans.
some who will beg you to “lightening up” your paw on their neck.
uncle russ,
aka russell simmons,
allegedly wanted terry to lighten his paw on the neck of on the accused,
adam venit.
terry blasted an alleged email sent by russell on his twitter via vix-bi
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So That Time P.J. Williams Got A Day’s Worth of Coochie

AxDi3KRCMAAAtKqwell nfl baller wolf for the for the new orlean’s saints,
p.j. williams,
has a real busy peen.
i hope it’s protected in while making traction.
so he smashed 3 vixens in one day!
he also got blasted on fameolous over it…
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Blasted All Over The Him (Did it Feel Good?)

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 10.34.22 PMso one of my faithfuls alerted me to a messy situation today.
everyone meet clinten.
he is the cutie in the picture above.
he was dating a wolf that he debuted on IG a few days ago.
he put up a picture of them as a couple.

“he accepts me for who i am” – he said.

well afterwards all hell broke loose.
come to find out,
the wolf was also accepting a few others as well.
so what did clinten do?
oh you already guessed…
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Lil Mo Husband Has An Alleged Fetish His Side Hoe Didn’t Like?

1335919798_IMG_3126the joy of meeting a new wolf.
one who happens to be a baller wolf.
well one after you left your old one because of alleged cheating.
after you and him had a threesome
and he was allegedly getting close to the third party…
just had to put that out there.
so lil’ mo,
singer and cast member of “r&b divas: la”,
started dating a boxer wolf by the name of karl dargan.
they are also planning on getting married.
so soon?
well she might have to rethink it after this.
so an f-bi sent me a story of karl getting blasted by a female jackal.
she blasted him,
and get because why…
she didn’t like an alleged fetish he wanted her to try…
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