Blasted All Over The Him (Did it Feel Good?)

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 10.34.22 PMso one of my faithfuls alerted me to a messy situation today.
everyone meet clinten.
he is the cutie in the picture above.
he was dating a wolf that he debuted on IG a few days ago.
he put up a picture of them as a couple.

“he accepts me for who i am” – he said.

well afterwards all hell broke loose.
come to find out,
the wolf was also accepting a few others as well.
so what did clinten do?
oh you already guessed…

he also provided meat as well:

okx see nsfw un-edited shot

looking at this fiasco play out on instagram was pretty interesting.
clinten has since deleted the pictures.
the wolf has probably moved on to some new ass.
i didn’t really see the point in airing out dude.
wolf cheated.
clinten fell for the okey doke.
take the “L” and move on.
blastin the wolf only made others get a hard on:

1. the peanut gallery who was cheering on the fuckery
2. the gold diggas who saw that he drops money
3. the whores who want to put that meat in their mouth

so after all that,
clinten will be alone and the wolf just got some new asshole.
well done.
tumblr_mxrv7uhQm21spiuxqo1_250 first off: it shows a few words gets him open.
which means anyone with good game can get at him.
second: any future potentials now see that when he gets mad,
he will air them out on social media.
third: since the wolf didn’t respond and locked his page,
it brings attention to him.
everyone wants to know who he is,
while clinten looks like the childish one.

airing out dirty laundry.
we think we are embarrassing someone,
but the way how this new social media world is set up,
they may actually make a come up off you.
i can understand if hiv was transferred,
child molestation was uncovered,
or a dead body was found in the basement.
then yes…
blast away.
some silly “you are a bad person” high school bs?
if we took time to stop listening to words,
and more time observing people’s actions,
we would all be in a better place.
we will see that the person we are dating is a dick head,
those people we call friends are mean bitches,
and some family members are actually bonafide haters.
sometimes we see the red flags,
but over look because we want to “accept” someone.
as soon as things don’t go our way,
we want to let the world know in an immature way.
Cruel-Intentions-cruel-intentions-22243754-350-239…and then it ends up making us look like the dumb ass.
so when it comes to messy break ups of all kinds

Does anything really good come from blasting someone?

7 thoughts on “Blasted All Over The Him (Did it Feel Good?)

  1. Clinten kinda looks like Timbaland’s brother, the wanna-be-a-rapper-so-bad, Sebastian. LOL

  2. I understand he’s coming from a place of hurt, but when you approach the situation logically, there’s really no need to seek revenge or blast someone.

    You’ll find that people get exactly what’s coming to them in due time, especially when the character flaw or behavior they used to betray you becomes a pattern. Their downfall is usually right around the corner. Especially in the gay/bi lifestyle. Someone’s around the corner to do the exact same thing to them as they do to others.

    He thought this shit was work, but the majority of his followers are gay men. They can appreciate a dick pic even if the said person is a two timer. Then they see he pays for flights and travels the world too? He probably got some new followers. They don’t think this man is a DOG like the average, upstanding woman would.

  3. Well I hope he’s not expecting to be dating anytime soon. I wouldn’t trust him as a friend either because seeing this how revengal he is, he’s probably like to gossip as well. Just spilling tea all over and thinking it’s cute, but guess what boo you’re hurting yourself cause now I bet the dudes are going to hit it and run away.

  4. Damn, this is crazy. First of all, it seems they met on instagram, that is the first mistake. Stop using social media to pull dudes. Nothing great will come from it because one of the two parties involved is probably talking to other dudes on the same site as well.

    I’m not gonna lie, that’s a cute lil Fox…and he looks like he can hit whistle notes in the bedroom like Mariah and Chante, but I ain’t fallin for no Fox like this lol. Nah.

  5. Blasting someone just because you’re hurt only only will feel good for like 5 mins. I’m sure clint is already feeling the mistake he has made. You don’t go uncovering stuff you and your man did for total strangers to see that’s makes you look bad as hell. To be honest wolves seems to chase after jackals like this and not a good quality fox so Him finding someone new won’t be hard.

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