The Haves and Getting It Right

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 12.31.08 PMum…
is it me…
or has tyler lepley gotten OD hulk “skrong” looking this season?

anyway last night as i was watched the #sotu address,
i was also flipping back to #HAHN.
nothing on who got shot yet.

last night was a pretty exciting episode.
i said “exciting”…

chicago ronni is not to be played with.
she to’ that snow bunny up.
the snow bunny magically had no injuries or swelling,
but i guess thats the magic of tv.
the extra talking with the “drake” tears was overkill.

candace and jim.
im over them.
him getting electro shock therapy didn’t move me.
i didn’t feel sorry for him.
if he for gang raped,
i probably wouldn’t flinch.

is it me,
or did benny and jeffrey look a little suspect?
the way benny looked at him and gave him a card.
i’m callin’ a d/l romance on the horizon.
if tyler perry is a good writer,
and doesn’t give these people hiv for being gay,
he could really have a scandalous story line with these two.
chicago ronni.
me as the villian out to seduce benny and make him mine.
i’ll allow it.

if hannah didn’t let that strong wolf in between her thighs…
she knows she wanted the big pipe.
why was she frontin heavy.
a little annoyed they was still kissing an hour later.
maybe i’m a ratchet,
but we would have been on to the third position by that time.
wyatt and that “almost rape scene” was so weird to me.
was i the only one confused?

chicago ronni vs candy.
now this is a match up i’m ready for.
jeffrey is such a bitch tho.
i’m confused as to why he is so shook over that blackmail?
yeah it was his car,
but wyatt was driving it.
the news already reported that wyatt hit benny right?
so why is jeffrey acting like this tho?
ima need him to man up.
dU5uwWV3RqucQ7InODGZ_Third Hand Slapalthough i’m sure he don’t want the southside of chicago up his ass.
i kinda don’t blame him.
now ronni sent quincy to go attack her own son tho…
no bueno.

either way,
that episode was the most exciting one yet.
thank god.
i was getting scared this show was being ruined.
way to go tyler!
gonna need that shooting victim to make their debut tho.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “The Haves and Getting It Right”

  1. I just watched it. Very good episode, but there is one issue I have. Who da hell got shot? I’m tired of not knowing.

    The scene between Jeffery and Benny was kinda of hot, but I would have beat his ass after he yoked me up lol. After I said “my bad” you better not touch me no more lol.

    I think Candice will not be there when Quincy comes, which will leave Jeffrey and Melissa in trouble. Veronica’s plan is going to backfire in her face.

    1. Yes that Jeffery and Benny scene got me up and going! I was kind of creeped out by the hotel scene when Veronica got nasty at the door and when Candance mother was in lingerie with that man *old people sex* -_-

      1. One day we will be having old people sex Swag. I don’t know about you, but I want to be still getting it in at 75, even if I’m in a depend lol. I’ll be breaking backs literally, maybe my own.

      1. I be damned lol. I will not be watching at that point, so Tyler can play with us if he wants. Amanda shot herself, we all know it. Catherine is still valuable to the show.

  2. I got the tea on who got shot. What happen was Amanda was in her mother’s room while she was sleeping. Then she took a jar of vaseline and place her gun in it to insert the gun into her mom’s pussy. She was fucking her with it and was about to pull the trigger, but Amanda got horny and then penetrated herself with the gun. While she was moaning and was about to get an orgasm. During her moment of ecstasy, she accidentally pulled the trigger and shot her vagina off. Here the twist tho, they’re both alive.

  3. Maggie is dumb as hell. She got slapped upside the head by Veronica numerous times and didn’t even get dicked down by David. If you’re going to get your ass whooped at least get the dick. Yeah, it was definitely something suspect about that scene with Benny and Jeffrey. I guess Tyler Perry is abandoning the Wyatt-Jeffrey storyline. I’m going to need Jeffrey to grow some balls. He needs to call his mothers bluff. She is not going to turn him in about the car. She is too concerned about the image of the family. She wouldn’t want negative press that’s why she is trying to keep Jeffrey’s homosexuality under wraps. Deep down, I don’t know if she really has a problem with his sexuality or if she is concerned about how it makes her look. Side note, I think Quincy is going to pipe Veronica down in the next few episodes.

    1. Exactly. Veronica is going to give in to Quincy sooner or later. If I was Maggie, I would make her life a living hell for slapping me around. Benny and Jeffrey would make a nice lil couple, more so Benny and I. lol.

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