So I Binged Watched The Haves and Have Nots And…

i did it.
i said i wasn’t,
but i did.
i binged watched all the “season 3: part 2” episodes i missed of “the haves and have nots”.
now this is what i have to say.
tyler perry

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I’m A Simple Bitch

did chicago ronni not have a psychotic break last night on #hahn?
how she just gonna tear up that restaurant like that?
and then gonna walk out like a triple OG:


pure comedy.

lowkey: mad she gonna burn up her house next week.
david didn’t know he was gonna be in it.
you don’t destroy ya own shit.
so when is she gonna cut this out and smash quincy?
i bet SHE will work him completely out.

x watch episode here

*picture credited to own

The Haves and Getting It Right

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 12.31.08 PMum…
is it me…
or has tyler lepley gotten OD hulk “skrong” looking this season?

anyway last night as i was watched the #sotu address,
i was also flipping back to #HAHN.
nothing on who got shot yet.

last night was a pretty exciting episode.
i said “exciting”…
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WHO GOT SHOT? (No Seriously Tyler… Who Died?)

the-haves-and-the-have-nots_1_30_640x480_5398405447e251so this is the second episode of the haves and have nots and…
no word YET on who got shot.
i guess he won’t reveal it until the season finale then?
so my thoughts on tonight’s episode
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So, Uh, That “Haves and Have Nots” Season Premiere

hhn2-castso i know you have been waiting on it.
i have been waiting on it myself.
because i was without my laptop after monday,
i couldn’t give a review the season premiere of “haves and have nots”.
well better late than never…
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Tyler Perry is Out of Control

2c7JlqXwhen i watch a season finale,
i want to feel like i’m about to have sex.
i want to feel like i’m about to have sex with a wolf i’m extremely attracted too.
you know the feelings.
blood racing.
hands sweating.
thinking about the big throw down.
“oooh i can’t wait for tonight!”
well tonight felt like i was dating that wolf,
we finally got in the bed,
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