Tyler Perry is Out of Control

2c7JlqXwhen i watch a season finale,
i want to feel like i’m about to have sex.
i want to feel like i’m about to have sex with a wolf i’m extremely attracted too.
you know the feelings.
blood racing.
hands sweating.
thinking about the big throw down.
“oooh i can’t wait for tonight!”
well tonight felt like i was dating that wolf,
we finally got in the bed,

…he morphed into madea in a two piece lingerie.
jimmy-fallon-ew….which then leads me to wake up because i was clearly having a nightmare.
that is all i could think while watching #hahnfinale:


what the hell was going on?

that irrelevant scene with celine and jim
that irrelevant scene with candace and hannah
jeffrey being the ultimate bitch tonight
“its quincy bitch” in the living room
quincy punching jim on one side and lumps on lumps on the other
that disgusting stage makeup that looked like bbq sauce
that dehydrated snow bunny that needed to drink niagra falls
the whole rhythm nation background dancers grabbing up jim outside
the fact he was in bed with no ice packs on his lumps
amanda’s overkill on this crazy storyline

if i heard “eenie meenie miney moe” one mo’ gin…
channing_tatum_eyes-closed-gunthat shit was nauseating.
it seriously did not make me want to tune back in january.
it was extremely underwhelming.
the season wasn’t all that great either.
it also made me realize just how bad a writer tyler perry is.
i can’t really complaining about the actors.
they get terrible scripts.
well i already knew this since i complained a lot,
but tonight sealed the deal for me.
am i the only one feeling like this?

lowkey: this new show,
“if loving you is wrong”,
looks like a knock off desperate housewives.

castwhich was produced by marc cherry and written by…
his writing team!
i’m only here for:
Denzel-Wells-Chest…and even he may not be able to hold my attention for too long.
sorry denzel.

19 thoughts on “Tyler Perry is Out of Control

  1. Tyler stay hiring these ‘cute’ guys from commercials or reality shows that have no proven acting ability. Its like he sits at home watching TV…sees a cute a cute guy and decides to put him in one of his shows/plays/movies. I am just shocked that Oprah allows the poorly written, simple story lines to keep getting broadcast on her network.

    1. I have to say the actor that plays Jeffrey ‘ s father is nice.good looking, personable guy.and I like his character…Jeffreys mother on the other hand, I think her character is unreal, over the top. The actor who plays his mother is goo though..

  2. The pace is too damn slow for me at this point. Amanda said she knew Quincy for a couple of days, but she met him several episodes ago. Wtf son? The shit just drags out forever. Jim has been running for governor since the middle of the first season. Am I right or wrong? I’m glad Candice wasn’t pregnant, if she were, she’d be like Bonnie from Family Guy, pregnant for like 7 seasons. Tyler has to speed this up a little.

    I’m thinking Amanda shot herself but I’m not sure.

    Veronica drove her husband right into the arms of another woman. I still say her past issues with alcohol will surface in the future. David didn’t want to cheat, but damn he deserves better.

    Candice finally got her revenge. I want to see what she has in store for Jim.

  3. That man is all type of goods and is hiding it. David used to be in All my Children in the 90s minus the gray hair as Jennifer’s love interest. He aged gracefully!

    1. Hell yea we can discuss it. He sexy as shit, and his character makes me like him even more. I got excited when he unbuttoned his shirt a little bit, but I wanted to see more, so much more lol.

  4. I don’t understand how Tyler is allowed to continuously get away unscathed for his atrocious screen writing abilities and hiring a writing staff to help construct his poorly written story lines. Helo Tyler, NO ONE (and I mean NO ONE on any show w/ critical acclaim has ONE sole writer. It just doesn’t happen, EVER.) His concepts/ideas are on point but the execution is always flawed. If he allowed his ego to step out of the way for once (or audiences stopped checking forhim, either way) he would soon realize, just as you mentioned, how god awful his character development and dialogue truly is. I have mostly avoided TP productions on the mere basis of storytelling alone. But I must admit to sort of liking Why Did Get Married? based on the urge to see upwardly mobile people of color in upscale situation/romantic comedies. Adding Janet Jackson & Jill Scott didn’t hurt either. It was very flawed as well, but serviceable in the end. Same thing happened w/ this show. I jumped at the opportunity to watch Tika Sumpter (an underrated beautiful actress) in a role that would show her playing a bad girl w/ a heart of gold. THAT is how it was originally sold. Throw in his FIRST gay character, some campy one-liners, and I thought he finally pulled off his very “own” version of “Dynasty/Knots Landing”… but not so much.

    The series has devolved into a MESS that focuses way too much on all of the wrong characters and the plot is contrived. Jim Cryer is a walking caricature of his season one portrayl, way too over top. Amanda is being given WAY too much screen time and not doing much of anything w/ it. Jeffrey is the saddest, most depressing gay man I have ever seen portrayed on network television. And Candace, the former ‘star’ of the show, is basically being written out of the whole thing. Just a mess all around.

    1. ^you hit the nail on the head u!
      this show has gotten way too unrealistic.
      tyler lost his way after candice and jim stopped speaking the second time.
      somewhere around the fake pregnancy and amanda getting raped.
      everything started going to shit soon after that point.

      to tyler,
      our opinions mean we are “haters” tho.

      1. I know. Which is sad. Don’t you hate it when ANY criticism leveled at him is immediately turned into, “well if you don’t like how I’m doing it, watch something else.” No sir. You got extremely lucky to find a character such as Madea to build your film/television empire around. His legacy is flawed b/c he never allowed one of the production credits to NOT include “written, executive produced, directed, and created by Tyler Perry.” I think he is really impressed w/ that for some reason and it will be his downfall. I mean talk about EGO. Anyway, I’m almost certain next season of Have Nots will be my very last. It was fun while it lasted. And he deserves some credit for introducing Ty Lepley, Gavin Houston, and Aaron O’Connell into my consciousness. For that, all is forgiven. 🙂

        1. ^i completely agree.

          every white person has a writing team.
          shonda rhimes writes and also has a writing team.
          it’s not bad to have people who contribute to your craft.
          you can’t do it alone.
          he think this is the same as writing plays when he was sleeping in his car.
          this is not the same thing.
          the problem with tyler Perry is he lives in a bubble.
          not much happens in that bubble.
          he is not cultured with other views than crackhead,
          or the light skin white knight.

  5. Jamari, what is the name of the guy that you’re “only here for”? Is he an actor? In what show? You didn’t give his name.

      1. Thanks, Jamari. I sometimes Google or look up on imdb actors that you mention. I did look him up and it seems that he has no imdb entry at all. I take that to mean that his acting experience is slim or non-existant. It appears that he may have some modeling experience but I suspect that such experience is slim, although he apparently was featured in Essence magazine or its online version. I notice that he apparently was in college as late at 2012.

        Nice bodies are a dime a dozen. I wonder what prompted him to be chosen for the role in “If Loving You is Wrong”. Perhaps it was an excellent audition.

    1. ^tyler desperately needs a writing team.
      someone he can bounce ideas off of.
      shonda rhimes has a writing team for all her shows.
      or maybe he has one and they are all “yes” people?

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