Michael Sam: Our Shero?

michealsamshero?well according to my coworker

so i was sitting at thing 2 desk,
when a vixen from another department came to hang.
she was also with two of the mailroom wolves.
as the convo was flowing about random shit.
a obvious white snow fox came to ask thing 2 a question about a file.
when he left,
the convo got on how even gay men are even choosing white over black.
i wanted to hear the opinions from the straights so i kept quiet.
vixen co worker from another department says:

“ya’ll saw michael sam and his white boo at the espys?
that speech was touching.
he is my new shero.”

why couldn’t she call him a “hero”?
and wtf has he done for females?
one of the mailroom wolves replied:

“naw he a shero to the homos and the females.
he ain’t nada to me.”

Tumblr_mjnmzcU7UM1qf5yxvo1_400everyone laughed.
i responded:

“well he a nothing until he gets on the field and play.”

they all agreed and the subject changed to something else.
while they talked,
i couldn’t get my mind off what was said.
even if you are masculine and gay,
are you still a “shero”?
a bitch” in the straight’s eyes?
michael sam is a damn defensive end for christ sakes.
so even if you are genuinely masculine gay man…

Are you still going to be looked at as a female?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Michael Sam: Our Shero?”

  1. Straight people will ALWAYS see gay men as bitches, no matter how “masculine” you are or may seem. I’ve come to terms with that over the past few months lol.

    I don’t see how your coworkers think that he’s a hero for women though?? like?? Do women have to come out as women?

  2. To answer your question, yeah. That’s part of the reason why gays are disrespected by straight males and females. They look at us as weak because some of us do what women do, which is be submissive during sex. They don’t realize that that doesn’t correlate to how tough you are because some trannies can box. Most people underestimate trannies because they assume they’re even weaker because they’re dressing like a woman.

    It really doesn’t matter how masculine you are. We all are sorta guilty of doing it tho. I always assumed that every bisexual man was a masculine top but literally every bi dude in my city is a thirsty bottom.

    I wouldn’t refer to them as she unless they were being messy. Hence why we always call some gay men “queens.”

    1. ^sad.
      i don’t refer to any gays as “she”.
      no matter now feminine you are.
      i know trannies are called “she” for obvious reasons,
      but im not into that “she” shit.

      1. I don’t use it either but you never know what will become the next it words. I used to not say “queen.” I get it from my older relatives. They always had a habit of referring to feminine(gay) men as “Miss.”

      2. Jamari, I’m not into that “she” shit either. It’s a way of disrespecting gay and bisexual men. Gay culture is mens’ culture and gay men are testosterone infused/saturated are are often the most masculine of men. Straights don’t understand that.

  3. This opinion is probably because of the stereotypes of gay men. No matter how masculine we are, we still have sex with other men, so they compare us to women. Michael’s unforgettable emotional speech at the ESPY’s was not going to change the feelings of most either. I can only imagine what people were saying as they were watching.

  4. Calling a Gay man she or her is demeaning and insulting IMO.
    In good news Michael is doing well at training camp.He still has an uphill battle though.Michael tweeted a link to an interview with his defensive coach where the coach talks about how Michael has progressed since dropping 15 lbs.

  5. Michael Sam can do Michael Sam. I’m not judging. But I wish when he got drafted he didn’t have to hug and kiss his white boyfriend all on television. I know he is trying to push the envelope and normalize gay love. We are getting there. I just wish he would have done that after he played a spectacular season and won rookie of the year. You know, to shut up the haters!

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