Well He Forgot To Mention That Small Detail

old-letterswhen you meet someone that’s interested in you,
the first couple weeks of getting to know them are usually amazing.
well this is if you didn’t pull ya drawz down on the first meeting.
so when i met ( x “him” ) couple weeks ago,
it was heaven sent.
well in the end,
i didn’t get the wolf.
we were supposed to meet,
but the situation didn’t pan out as expected.
i was okay with it and moved on.
he just wasn’t the one for me.
well he wasn’t for his boyfriend as well.
yeah i didn’t see that coming either…

so this morning i woke up to a lengthy email from the boyfriend.
the boyfriend of 5 years he forgot to mention.
i guess this means i was the whore?
for someone who found out about the secret email address,
the email written to me was very mature.
there was no sign of “la’quisha” anywhere in it.
it basically told me that the wolf was a liar and has done this many times before.
he apologized in behalf of his wolf for how hurt i was.

ya know,
if i was a full time ratchet,
i probably would have blasted him.
naaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh homie.
thats definitely not my swagg.
there is no need to be a ratchet tumblr account about it.
that wolf and i stopped talking a while ago.
i’m actually “over it”.
been there for a while now.
well that was a lie.
he hit me up about an entry i wrote recently.
i replied
…and also requested a shirtless picture.

his body was crazy serious.
i was all about that situation.
he never sent it so i moved on.
anyway this situation taught me something today.
there are a million wolves out here.
most of these pineapples are not completely single.
the boyfriend could be out there.
one who thinks their man is being faithful.
well surprise surprise...
so as much as the “d/l surprise” is a whammy,
the “meeting someone perfect BUT that long term boyfriend issue” is just as worst.
god forbid he is full of “la’quisha”.
god forbid YOU are the boyfriend.

in the end,
i replied and thanked him for being mature.
shit i really was thankful.
i could have met up,
got a good smashin’,
no kind of spending money,
and then this situation be more dramatic.

he said he was breaking up with him for this last stunt.
i wished him the best.
either way,
all is well with the world and the search for my wolf continues.

lowkey: i need god to bring me a single wolf.
i’m always “the whore” for some reason.
i always attract fine wolves who are in a situation.
never single ones.
i don’t get it.
i need that spirit removed off me about 10 minutes ago.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Well He Forgot To Mention That Small Detail”

  1. Wow! Talk about surprises, at least the boyfriend was mature. I have a feeling your wolf Is coming soon shit he might be closer than you think

    1. I forgot to mention one small detail. I meant to put “and Starfox will help pick him.” I don’t know how the hell I didn’t notice I deleted that part yesterday. I swear this site makes me look so dumb sometimes. Like English isn’t my first language or something. 🙁

      I’m sure you were thinking “what the fuck does he mean Starfox is on the way?”

  2. I’m sorry, J. Anyway if did you met him, he could had gave the A’s. His bf said this isn’t the first time, so it made me wonder did he used protections with the others. Be patience.

  3. I know you like to vent, but do NOT talk about this dude anymore, especially since he is a reader. Giving him too much energy, and his fifteen minutes have expired. Your Wolf is on the way bro. He’ll come when you least expect it.

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