Mid Shelf Model Wolf: CJ Jones

cjjonesreditso everyone wants to know who the hell cj is.
( x this wolf here )
i mean,
well due to my own little sniffin’,
i found out exactly who cj was.
everyone meet c.j. jones…

942172_10151622026315325_590339666_ncj is a 24 years old straight wolf and actually hails from texas.
that state that breeds fine wolves.
well he played for texas a&m as a defensive back,
until he was drafted to the kansas city chiefs in 2013.from the looks of it,
his baller wolf career didn’t exactly work out as expected.
oh and that is a-okay!
he decided to turn modeling/fitness into a full time gig:

876292he is also real “skrongs” too:

well i’m sure we will be seeing a lot more cj jones as he develops.
foto119 already put him on the radar.
as my spirit animal,
samantha jones of #satc,
advice to her model boyfriend in an episode in the world of pr:

“first comes the gays,
then the girls,
and then the industry!”

sam_j_gifanyway keep me posted cj!
you definitely have the foxhole’s vote.

pictures courtesy: model mayhem | instagram

9 thoughts on “Mid Shelf Model Wolf: CJ Jones

  1. Very fit guy,so sorry that his NFL career did not work. I hope the best for CJ Jones. He is making his mark at fitness. Keep up the good work my brother, because you are phine and worth watching anytime of the day.

  2. Straight or not man, I want a piece of that. I damn sure want to rub all over those thighs.

  3. oh my god i have come to the conclusion that MY ASS is MOVING to TEXAS when it’s all said and done because the brothas in TEXAS are on a whole different level..NYC, TEXAS and ATL are running a race with the fine brothas i swear…they’re going to make my ass become bi-coastal lol

  4. Trying to be successful at modeling/fitness must be hard when there are so many wolves as equally handsome and fit vying for the same coins. I’m glad I’m just an admirer.

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