…and Then There Was Cj Jones (TREIZE)

so we haven’t talked about cj jones in a while.
he is one of the foxhole favs from the “foto119” eras.
well he is back,
but sans foto119.
this time he did some new shots with photographer,
trisha lacoste.
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…and Then There Was Cj Jones (Dix)

tumblr_nwzen975Sg1qbj5iio1_500“strumming my pain with his fingers…
singing my life with his words…”
so i have a raging headache tonight,
but i couldn’t not post these pictures of cj jones.
i know he is a foxhole fav and a pretty nice wolf at that…
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CJ Jones Gets An (INTERVIEW)

CJJONESMEMORIALhappy memorial day foxhole!
so i’ve been wanting to talk to this wolf for a while.
his name?
cj jones.
one of your favorites.
he is a former baller wolf turned model and actor.
well he sat down with me and we got a little personal…
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