…and Then There Was Cj Jones (Dix)

tumblr_nwzen975Sg1qbj5iio1_500“strumming my pain with his fingers…
singing my life with his words…”
so i have a raging headache tonight,
but i couldn’t not post these pictures of cj jones.
i know he is a foxhole fav and a pretty nice wolf at that…

kfNEtpUnothing like a big hunk of wolf meat to make a fox feel better.
thank you for helping cj and foto119!
hope all is well in your forest down below!

lowkey: here is a bonus selfie as a treat:

CS1mvI7UYAAzfyq…you like?

fotos credited: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “…and Then There Was Cj Jones (Dix)”

  1. Cj Cj Cj damn he is fine, it should be against the law to be this damn gorgeous. Everything about him is on point looks, personality, and body where can I find a dude like this. SN who ever back he is blowing out I commend that person, but I wish it was me😢

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