CJ Jones Gets An (INTERVIEW)

CJJONESMEMORIALhappy memorial day foxhole!
so i’ve been wanting to talk to this wolf for a while.
his name?
cj jones.
one of your favorites.
he is a former baller wolf turned model and actor.
well he sat down with me and we got a little personal…

hey cj!
thank you for agreeing for this sit down!
whenever i post your pictures,
you always get a lot of love in the foxhole.
so let’s get to know you a little better:

JF: tell us a bit about yourself?
who are you?
where you born?

CJ: Well Im CJ Jones from Houston, Texas and I am 25. I’m a goof ball man. Life is too short not to laugh as much as you can, but I live a clean life. I don’t drink, smoke, and I’m focused on creating my reality of life. I am also a very passionate guy whether it is about a person, an action, or accomplishing something. My work ethic is second to few if any. I work my ass off to accomplish exactly what I want to accomplish. I`v always been a humble guy and I always will be… until Meagan Good asks to take a picture with me then it`s a wrap lol oh and I love eating more than just about anything.

JF: now what people may not know is you were actually a pre baller wolf from texas a & m.
defensive back.
you even got as far as to get drafted into the nfl with the kansas city cheifs:

why are you not playing in the nfl today?

CJ: Well the reason I got cut was because after I got picked up in May of 2013 by the Kansas City Chiefs (the end of my second semester at Texas A&M University) I still had one I had to finish in summer school in order to get my degree. With my mother passing November of 2012, I felt I owed it to her to get my degree, because I made her that promise over and over from the time I was about 14 until I was a senior in college. The promise was that I would finish school and get my degree and I’m a man of my word. So when I was presented with the choice of leave to finish school or drop out and stay, I left, but thats not why I`m not playing today. I am not playing today simply because it`s not my dream. I love sports but being in the NFL was never my dream.

JF: how did it feel when you were cut?
what thoughts were going through your mind about your future?

CJ: I won`t lie it hurt for a few reasons. It hurt because for the first time in my life I had failed at something. I felt defeated, not good enough, and embarrassed. It also hurt because some of the people I felt were closest to me, or at least led me to believe they were, disappeared after the news of me being released including my pastor.

JF: your pastor?
giphy-75oh hell naw.
from your instagram,
you were crowned “2013 texas fitness male model champion”.

how did you get involved in that?

CJ: I began personal training, but also worked out just because I love training and testing my own limits. The manager of the first gym I worked at kept telling me, “Man you look really good, if you did a show you`d do really good”, but I didn’t really think much of it until I went to another gym to workout (Iron City Gym) and the people there were telling me the same thing. So I gave it shot and was blessed enough to have substantial early success.

JF: Moving on to career.

what made you get into modeling and acting?

CJ: I`ve always wanted to be an actor. I remember the day I figured it out too, it was 2002 or 2003. I was watching Biker Boyz, the movie with Derek Luke and Meagan Good, and was amazed with Derek Luke and wanted to be just like him. I just loved it. Modeling just kind of came with the journey through networking and meeting people. It`s actually way harder than it looks too lol.

JF: its funny people always say that about modeling. it’s definitely not pose and put a filter.

now why is “this” your passion?

CJ: Because it`s art. Art is undeniable. It`s subjective. It`s relative and it`s whatever you want it to be and there`s power in that. Power in knowing anything is whatever you want to be. I get the privilege to touch and inspire millions and millions of people the same way I was touched and inspired. What`s better than that? These are people I`ll probably never meet, but my role in whatever movie will relate to somebody, somewhere, and make their day better. Even if it`s just for the hour or two, they`re watching the movie. I had a positive effect on a life and that means a lot.

JF: and what do you feel more comfortable doing:

modeling, acting, or playing ball?

CJ: Acting for sure lol I`m a very emotionally open person so I enjoy creating complex characters and putting meat on the bones. When you get out of your head and just understand you`re playing make believe, it`s the most fun you could ever have.

JF:  there is a lot that goes into it.
okay so lets use the law of attraction for a minute.
its something that i personally follow:

what would your perfect career entail?

CJ: The perfect career? Perfect would be winning 5 Oscars, with a huge diverse body of work, and having record-breaking box office numbers with me as the lead. At least 3 a year. Now THAT is a perfect career.

JF: Is there an ideal person you would like to work with?

CJ: Person? Aw man there’s so many! lol Here we go and I could go all day, but just to name a few:

Dwayne Johnson
Jamie Foxx
Kevin Hart
Vin Diesel
Will Smith
Denzel Washington
Adam Sandler
Bruce Willis
Morgan Freeman
Terrance Howard
Idris Elba
Meagan Good
Gabrielle Union
Keke Palmer
Paula Patton
Sanaa Lathan
Taraji Henson
Zoe Saldana
Nia Long
Halle Berry

JF: well damn! that is a mouthful! now i asked my last interview with ( x marcus randall ) the following, so i wanted to ask you. there are many male models/actors out here:

where do you see yourself within the competition?

CJ: I don`t really see it as a competition because what`s for me is mine and just for me. What`s not is not. If I don’t`t get a role it`s simply because it wasn’t meant to be mine. But in retrospect, I have been told many times by directors, agents, and managers that there really aren’t a lot of people that bring the package I bring. I get compared to Dwayne Johnson a lot because of my physique,  but I am not close to his size. He`s like 6.5 ft and 260-270. He`s a monster of a dude lol  I’m 6.0 ft about 230-235 so I am a big guy when being compared to actors. It`s a double edge sword because I fit less roles because a lot of times they want average looking guys and I just don`t look average, which is fine with me. I don`t want to look average, but when the roles come around that call for what I have or how I look there`s not many other actors that have our look.

JF: 5 years later, where do you see yourself?

CJ:  5 years from now I will be a successful, happy, working, award-winning actor starring in major movies on the big screen. I will also be using my platform to inspire and motivate others to chase their dreams and strive for self-mastery. The crazy thing is I am all of those things now. Everybody just doesn’t know it yet.

10474302_10152810317109206_4498705794428005870_nJF: how do you feel about the male admiration you get under your pictures?

CJ: Early on, I did not know how to take it, but now it doesn’t bother me. It`s all compliments and good feedback so it`s appreciated. I talked to one of my mentors about it  early on in my journey. It was after my first shoot that got a lot of attention. I`ll never forget what he told me. He said, “That`s how you know you got it! First come the boys, then the girls, and then the world! You`ll get noticed in that order”.

JF: exactly.
many don’t realize this and burn a lot of bridges doing so.
now i know you lost your mother a while ago.
as someone who also lost his parents,
i can relate with the pain and loneliness.
i see via your instagram that you were extremely close with her:

do you think she would be proud of the wolf you are becoming?

CJ: Yea I do. I know she`s proud of me, because with every decision I make, she`s in my heart. With her watching me, I`ll be just fine.

JF: in the entertainment industry,
there are many paths you can take.
many people want insta-fame by selling their souls to the highest bidder.
not everyone makes it based on just talent.
people in power will try and take advantage of you.
i always ask people if they’re prepared for “that other side”.
being you are fresh meat:

have you experienced the “other side” of the entertainment industry?
if yes,
can you give an example?

CJ: Luckily no man I haven`t. I have been blessed enough to come across a lot of very helpful, genuine, and inspiring people who have been nothing but honest and insightful. I hear about it all the time though, it just kind of comes with the territory.

JF: now i’m sure everyone wants to know:

is cj jones single?

CJ: I ammmmmmmmmmmmm (drum role)…….not!

JF: your body is absolutely crazy:

how many hours do you spend working out?

CJ: Thanks man! About 1-1:30 hrs a day and 5 days a week. It’s not as much as people might think. Working out is the easy part! That’s the fun stuff! What makes the difference is what you eat. I eat clean and I eat a lot, 6 meals a day sometimes 7. Nutrition is everything.

10636227_960606553966390_1348107775853586488_nJF: are you willing to downsize your body if the modeling industry asked for it?

CJ: No I will not. That’s the reason I stopped doing fitness competitions. I am finished trying to fit into a mold of what other people think/feel/want me to look like. I am going to look however makes me happiest and feel the best and find somebody that believes in what I bring.

JF: if you weren’t pursing a career in acting/modeling,
what job/career do you think you would be doing?

CJ: I would be trying to open a business. What kind of business? I am not sure, but I would for sure be on the path to opening my business.

JF: and a question I always like to ask everyone i interview:

why should we follow cj jones?

CJ: You should follow me because I am myself. You know how most people create a perception they want to portray for social media?

anigif_enhanced-31490-1404417732-2JF: oh god lord yes.
these jackals on social media are some decepticons out here!

CJ: lol Naw man not me. I am just a southern boy with dreams, a big appetite, and an even bigger faith.

JF: lastly before we close:

whats on the horizon for you CJ?
what can we look forward to coming up with your career?

CJ: You can expect great things from me and my career. I have a few major things in the works that I can`t quite speak on yet, but when I can, you’ll be the first to know. I am going to be showered with unexplainable opportunities and blessings very very soon.


thank you so much for this oppurtunity cj!
i send endless love and light towards your career.
your humbleness will take you far.
many blessings are in around the corner for you!

Whose next?

stay tuned.

fotos credited: foto119

follow cj on his journey: twitter | instagram

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  1. This was a good interview, good job bro. That man CJ, he is something special man. This made me like him more.

    We got to get Quinten Barnard next. That’s my boi too.

  2. Its good to see a good and humble guy. Pleasant surprise. Good for him and all his accomplishments.
    Great job with the interview Jamari!

  3. Great interview I love me some CJ, he seems like he has a great head on his shoulder. I’m pissed that he has a girlfriend lol she’s a lucky girl to be with him.

  4. Awesome, bro! You should def start your own independent media production company. Keeping it broad so as not to box you into your own vision….BWAAA, Get U some success, you have favor!

  5. Great Interview! Lots of insight and maturity for someone 25 years old. Now this golden nugget stood out in the interview to me and hit me like a ton of bricks:

    JF: are you willing to downsize your body if the modeling industry asked for it?

    CJ: No I will not. That’s the reason I stopped doing fitness competitions. I am finished trying to fit into a mold of what other people think/feel/want me to look like. I am going to look however makes me happiest and feel the best and find somebody that believes in what I bring.

    Wow now that is a word right there. Wishing this brother much success and support on his journey, hoping all of his dreams are fulfilled.

  6. Excellent interview, and he was very well spoken and likeable. Will be looking forward to more from him. Keep up the great work J.

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    Now I admire this kat even more!!
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  8. Bless it. Lol

    I don’t sense any inflated ego with him. That’s a rare thing. Seems like a nice guy.

    Good interview Jamari.

  9. Great job on the interview Jamari, sometimes it’s easy forget that these guys are just regular people with dreams and goals etc. I like how relatable he comes across.

  10. That’s how we grow them here in H Town☺

    I am not surprised about his pastor,he was probably counting on those tithes from a pro baller.
    Great interview, was this a phone interview?

    1. I’m surprised he’s only 25. Something is definitely in the water here. Soon as we hit puberty here everyone looks full grown. Same thing happened to me.

      You gotta check ID here lol

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