a conversation with tc_illkillya about alleged scamming and beef

i’m all about the mature response.
Lord knows i’ve written about some folks on the foxhole,
celebrity or not,
and they were full of attitude.
“psshtt! *neck and eye roll*” is all i can imagine when i’m reading their rebuttals.
sidebar: mostly from males of all orientations.
crazy part is,
i’m usually very open and objective within the conversation.
i’m honestly one of the nicer bloggers to hit up.
i’m never looking for the beef unless its 8 inches and has a good stroke.
so i spoke with @tc_illkillya today.
after yesterday’s entry,

he hit me up on the foxhole ig to explain his side and well…
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Jordan Shephard Gets An (Interview)

FullSizeRendereveryone meet jordan shephard.
when i featured him in ( x the last entry ),
the foxhole ate him up.
the facebook foxhole was especially hungry.
well i wanted to know more about jordan and you know what that meant…


yeaaaaahhhhh buddy!
one of my favorite things i like to do for the foxhole.
so jordan and i had a sit down and well…
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Cum Up Off Dem Privates: The Life of A Baiter (Interview)

tumblr_nw0t35CFfX1skmoejo1_500you know i love things that are interesting.
certain things i need answers.
with this platform of mine,
i am able to ask the questions to get answers i desire.
i’m trusted by many to conduct interviews as i grow.
the world of baiting has always been interesting to me.

baiting (v) : to lure a straight wolf up off their privates.
often done in disguise as a “vixen”.
may be posted online on various social media sites.

it’s usually done to straight wolves.
i’ve never done it,
but i often wondered:

How are the male species getting duped so easily?

that maybe a dumb question.
a male,
who is under the influence of horny,
will do the dumbest shit.

see: “cubs from one night stands”.
well when a baiter contacted me,
you know i had to get an interview up and running.
so foxhole…

Welcome to The World of Baiting 101

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“How I Smash Attentionistos Off Social Media” (INTERVIEW)

tumblr_nw0gv7oZgs1sry3r7o1_500it sunday so i’m assuming some of the foxhole are still sleep.
they went out to the club last night and deciding to sleep in.
some of you are up and eating breakfast.
making your rounds on your favorite websites.
well i’m glad you decided to join me this morning!
as the title states,
i conducted an interview about one of my favorite subjects.


it was pretty in depth in how some make their money.
personal training,
and “look at my new shoes” don’t always cum from hard work.
well puttin’ in work…
oh and you may find yourself not breathing for a good 10 minutes.
i’m not responsible for any passing out or choking.
anyway check out my interview with “fuck attentionistos”

(this is NSFW,
and “only for the curious straights”)
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CJ Jones Gets An (INTERVIEW)

CJJONESMEMORIALhappy memorial day foxhole!
so i’ve been wanting to talk to this wolf for a while.
his name?
cj jones.
one of your favorites.
he is a former baller wolf turned model and actor.
well he sat down with me and we got a little personal…
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Marcus Randall Gets An (INTERVIEW)

imageso marcus randall stopped by the foxhole today.
we had a quick interview because i am intrigued with his story.
as you know from ( x the last entry ),
i have been following his career since the myspace era.
how funny is it he is sitting down with me years later?
life is funny.
anyway check out our interview below…
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