Jordan Shephard Gets An (Interview)

FullSizeRendereveryone meet jordan shephard.
when i featured him in ( x the last entry ),
the foxhole ate him up.
the facebook foxhole was especially hungry.
well i wanted to know more about jordan and you know what that meant…


yeaaaaahhhhh buddy!
one of my favorite things i like to do for the foxhole.
so jordan and i had a sit down and well…

JF: hey jordan!
thank you for agreeing for this sit down with me today!
when i posted your pictures in that entry,
you went trending instantly.
that’s big for foxhole standards.
so let’s get to know you a little better:

tell us a bit about yourself?
who are you?
where you born?

JS: Thanks for having me. When you tagged me on Twitter I instantly went to see what was going on.  My name is Jordan Shephard and I am 23 years old. I  have just graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelors in Sports Management and minor in business administration few weeks ago. I was born in Houston, Texas and that’s where I currently reside. I grew up in Dickinson which is a small town just south of Houston. Since I have graduated I can do a little more pursue towards modeling/acting.

JF: i saw you just graduated!
sports management is an impressive major.
what made you say to yourself:

“…but i want to act and model tho”?
how did that come about?

JS: Growing up I have always been outgoing with an interesting personality. My friends and family know that I will keep any crowd entertained. I would always receive compliments on my smile with the help of my dimples. People would say “you need to be on someone’s tv show/billboard.” Since those days,  I have wanted to make it happen. I would always watch movies and began to put myself on the big screen in those roles. Now I just have to make it a reality.

JF: i like that.

so you’re texas wood grain.
born and raised.
what was it like growing up in texas?

were you popular?

JS: Growing up in Texas was great with the exception of the HEAT. The traffic is a monster. A 5 minute trip turns into 30 really quick. But you learn to have a love hate relationship lol. I lived in Dickinson from sixth grade up until high school graduation. I was pretty popular , played sports and like I mentioned was outgoing so everyone knew me. I have 4 sisters 1 brother, but I am the good looking one of the two lol ! I have 3 beautiful nieces and they are my heart. I am the over protective one out the bunch.

JF: your siblings are going to kill you for that ‘im the good looking one’ comment lol

JS: My brother and I often joke about who looks better, he’ll be ok.

JF: what sports did you play?

JS: In middle school I played basketball and football. Then in high school I started out playing multiple (basketball, football, and track). As I got older I had to pick my poison and narrowed it down to just football.

JF: okay so i’m just going to say it.
i wouldn’t be “jamari fox” if i didn’t.

your bawdy is absolutely amazing

how much hours do you spend on your bawdy?

what does your work out routine consist of?

JS: My training consists of 100 push ups a day no matter what other workout I am doing. I often do home workouts  including abs circuits, push ups, and I have a pull up bar. I go to the gym as well and alternate which muscle groups I do on certain days. Cardio is key so I often play basketball. Can’t forget about a proper diet. I am not too strict but I do promote a healthy lifestyle.

JF: not bad.
not bad at all.

i see you have a lot of tats.
do they tell a story?

or just bawdy crayola?

JS: Look, this here is all the explanation you need…
JF: oh wow…

JS: On a serious note the pieces do have meaning. The violet is for my mom because that is her name and she is closest to my heart. I have roses attached to it for my sisters. The bull on the other side represents the strong will and determination I have always had in achieving my goals and staying on track. The eagle wings on my back represent my protective side. I think of myself as an eagle watching over my family and friends. I want to add honey bees to the roses for my nieces. They actually turned out to compliment my body well. Even more reason to work out.

JF: well okay!
you told us LOL
so i know the vixens love this ig ready bawdy

but how do you feel about this new found male attention?

JS: Of course, the images will draw many viewers attention. However, my main goal (as for posting the pictures) is to inspire others to become more healthy- look good & feel good. So, the gentlemen that visit my page hopefully has that in mind.

JF: i love this answer.
very classy.
i’ll allow it.
okay lets switch gears a little…

jordan shephard.

“it’s complicated”?

JS: The million dollar question : I’m single.

JF: okay.
i’m sure that’ll change as your career takes off.
back to career,
modelling or acting,
if you had to choose…

which one would be satisfied doing for the rest of your life?

JS: I prefer acting. Modeling and showing off my physical features is always fun. However, acting is my ultimate goal. That’s what I am aiming to get into.

JF: who is the ideal actor(s)/actress(es) you would like to star alongside in a movie?

JS: Ideal actor would have to be Will Smith, Martin Lawerence, Ice Cube, Denzel Washington, Jamie Fox, or Tyler Perry. Actress would be Oprah Winfrey, Kerry Washington, Halle Berry, Angela Bassett, Sandra Bullock,  Taraji P Henson. That’s only to name a few. I wouldn’t turn down an opportunity though.

JF: good list.
i love you said oprah tho.

have you been to acting classes?

JS: No not yet. School was my priority. When I wasn’t in class I was working. Now I have little more free time.

JF: good.
i don’t want the foxhole talking about you being a bad actor lol

JS: I definitely wouldn’t want that either lol.

JF: where do you see yourself within the competition?

JS: As of now, I would like to work under a few legendary actors who could mentor me and lead me within the right direction. Until I’m able to make that connection, I’ll be researching and looking into prestigious acting schools.

JF: oh,
i love this.
a wolf with a plan.

where do you see yourself in 5 years?

JS: 5 years from now the goal is to be signed with a modeling agency and be a global known actor. Outside of the platform, I would like to open affordable fitness gyms within urban communities for youth and parents.

JF: that is very impressive.
i love that you aren’t doing this for likes or social media popularity.

why should the foxhole care about jordan shephard?
why should we “follow” you?

JS: I honestly think in today’s society we lack transparency and raw truth. It’s almost as if we attempt to disguise our imperfections and our process to success for the opinion of others. I take pride in “the process.” The process of identifying the weakness and sharpening the mindset and physical ability to change the imperfection. On my Instagram, notice the viewers don’t just see the final product which are my photos. There are videos to show, more so prove, that success doesn’t happen overnight. You have to work, fail, and then keeping working, until you are satisfied with self.

image-21JF: ^um…

10+ foxhole points for this very intelligent answer.
i see why we should follow.

you aren’t an idiot

i’m gonna ask you a couple random questions and see where your mind is at:

a) who are you voting for?

JS: Hillary

JF: b) your stance on police brutality and blm?

JS: Although I don’t necessarily like the reality of disaster bringing our people together on one accord, I do completely support the movement. Police brutality is not a new occurrence. This has been happening for centuries but the boldness of this movement is bringing light to the injustices and demanding change.

JF: c) your thoughts on the “hook up” culture?

JS: I’ve flirted on social media here and there. But, I’m old school. I don’t play into this new groove of things. I’m going to court the woman, take her out on dates where we can actually talk. I have to see where her mind is. Is she spiritual? Is she capable of being a nurturing mother? Can she accept a man? This “Netflix and chill” wave only brings drama and unnecessary chaos.

  JF: d) thoughts on the “reality show” boom?
and would you ever do reality tv?

JS: The idea of reality tv isn’t all bad. It has a great way of showing that celebrities aren’t perfect. I do think there should be a concentration on more positive aspects of life highlighting community service, giving back, leading with purpose, partnering without envy, etc. I have submitted a few apps.

JF: well jordan i loved this.
i learned so much.
i have two more:

how did you get involved with foxhole fav,
foto 119?
and did you really do those shoots naked?

JS: I saw his work and made it happen! He is phenomenal!
As for as being naked: Yes!…


…I stretched my comfort zone and went all out. The experience was great and the product was even greater.

 JF: *picks self up off floor*

do you have any final words?
do you have anything that we should be looking out for from you?

 JS: I definitely appreciate the opportunity, Jamari. You’re doing great work!

The viewers can look out for more pics to touch the surface as I have been in front of the camera within the past few weeks. For those who are looking to become more fit, I’ll be using my website to connect with everyone and give advice where needed in their process.

 i love it!
jordan is already well on his way.
we could be seeing big things from him one day.
thank you again jordan for agreeing for the


you never know who i’ll be interviewing next!

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  1. Great interview J! We got a pretty good sense of who Jordan Shepard is and I think that we all would agree that Jordan is a great guy. Congrats!

  2. Jamari boy, you are the truth. Your career will go somewhere soon you are so freaking gifted man and I truly mean it. Kudos to you for getting that interview and Jordan I know you are reading. I think you are so freaking handsome your next girl will be lucky to have you, and I also respect that you have an open mind and not ignorant towards the fact that men enjoy looking at you. I hope you go far in life and achieve all your goals you stated.

  3. That’s my dawg. Great interview J. Fox, Preciate you shouting the people what my bro is all about. 💯

  4. Congrafs on the interview! Made me stop what I was doing and actually read it entirely. Jamari have you thought about going into news and being an interviewer either for a paper or actual TV show?

  5. Great Job Jamari! Loved the interview ! I love that he has a personality to back up those looks 😍

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