rodney h glover brought the “h.o.e.” outta me

as much as i love nice pecs,
i’ve found love in muscular thighs.
i don’t know where or how the obsession started,
but i’m going with it.
so check it foxhole…
i was down the rabbit hole on “youtube” over the weekend.
i ended up on a show called “h.o.e.” by “aconnectiontv“.
look at this:

those thighs belonged to a wolf named “hawk“…

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eli goree sent me a little mad while watching “riverdale”

i love “riverdale”,
and i’m in the middle of a binge catching up,
but i don’t know wtf is going on with this third season storyline.
it’s gone real “stranger things/sabrina/ghouls and goblins”.
the character of “mad dog”,
played by eli goree,
had my full attention tho…
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Can We Font About Mo McRae, Please? (Gather Round Foxhole)

over the weekend,
while on my sabbatical,
i watched a movie called “den of thieves”.
it starred 50 cent,
but the other main attarction was ^that chocolatey goodness.
meet mo mcrae.
he was definitely eye candy and you’ll see why…
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f0xmail: I’m An Actor, But I’m Also Gay and Living In Fear! Help!


Hey Jamari, 
Let me first start off by saying I am a fan of you, your work and just overall everything you stand for. I was hoping you could give a little insight on something. My dream is to be an actor, I love the craft I live for it; it’s one of the few things in my life that feeds my soul. I’m openly gay but discreet. And as a young gay BLACK man I have 3 strikes against me. 
1. Black
2. Male
3. Gay 

I know that it’s 2018 and it seems like everyone is getting their life these days but in the same breath there’s still a stigma on us. We can’t be considered “masculine” or we can’t play the lead bc with ppl knowing that I’m gay I won’t be taken seriously. I want to strike it big but I’m.. I guess you can say stuck on the F.E.A.R. complex


Mostly because I’m fearful of being typecast or shunned bc of my sexuality and as much as it pains me to admit it but I’ve been on the Grimmr (yes, I call Grindr the Grimmr bc let’s just be honest that thang is GRIMEY!! lol) yes I’ve sext’d and feel that if I do become a star someone will “expose” me.   Now don’t get me wrong FAME is definitely NOT the goal, I would still act if even if it were in dinner theatre (God forbid) but how can I get over my FEAR complex and finally LIVE and not just exist
Much Love & Light



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The Studio Exec Was Told There’d Be (your) Cake

it’s always those who are always talking about the gays.
either they have some secrets or they just happy in hatred.
lil duval has always given me one or the other.
i never found him funny.
i was never confused why he wasn’t as big as kevin hart also.
there is a joke there…
on “the breakfast club” last friday with deray davis,
he mentions that he was hit on by a gay studio exec for a role.
so the conversation started about up and coming comedians being put on.
it starts at @24:30,
this is what he says about it @26:00
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Baller Wolf, Nic Harris, Is Back On The Grid

nic harris.
nfl baller turned personal trainer/actor/model wolf.
we have talked about him a few times within the foxhole.
he is good wolfie people and also very intelligent.
i love listening to him talk with his big words ‘n’ shit.
well nic vanished for a while.
last i know,
he went to italy to play ball and went off the grid.
well ^that picture came bouncing down my twitter timeline.
it caught my attention with the quickness.
i had to go sniffin around and well…
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