Kofi Siriboe Looks Like “King Dark Chocolate”

CrR7aXPWEAAneeEso i’m excited about this new show on own,
“queen sugar”.
what caught my eye was the way it’s shot via ( x the trailer ).
well one of the vix-bi on the twitter foxhole,
by the name @elizadwrites,
wanted me to check out one of the wolves of the show.
his name is kofi siriboe and well…
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Jordan Shephard Gets An (Interview)

FullSizeRendereveryone meet jordan shephard.
when i featured him in ( x the last entry ),
the foxhole ate him up.
the facebook foxhole was especially hungry.
well i wanted to know more about jordan and you know what that meant…


yeaaaaahhhhh buddy!
one of my favorite things i like to do for the foxhole.
so jordan and i had a sit down and well…
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CJ Jones Gets An (INTERVIEW)

CJJONESMEMORIALhappy memorial day foxhole!
so i’ve been wanting to talk to this wolf for a while.
his name?
cj jones.
one of your favorites.
he is a former baller wolf turned model and actor.
well he sat down with me and we got a little personal…
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Marcus Randall Gets An (INTERVIEW)

imageso marcus randall stopped by the foxhole today.
we had a quick interview because i am intrigued with his story.
as you know from ( x the last entry ),
i have been following his career since the myspace era.
how funny is it he is sitting down with me years later?
life is funny.
anyway check out our interview below…
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Marcus Randall is A Wonderland

IMG_4599that he is.
so i have been following marcus randall’s career for a while.
i saw his modeling pictures during the “myspace” era and was hooked.
i thought he was incredibly handsome.
his body wasn’t bad either.
well he vanished off the scene,
but i saw his recent return on my photographer fav,
well who knew in his absence,
marcus was working on his career silently?
well lets talk about it…

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Thomas Q. Jones: The Ultimate Cutty Buddy?

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 11.10.52 PMthomas q. jones is what you call “platinum pipe”.
i remember him from when he was a baller wolf on the ny jets.
he also use to date meagan good before she got married.
well he made his acting debut on “being mary jane” tonight.
he was her “cutty buddy” aka “11pm to 3am entertainment”.
he was also naked and his bawwwdy was on fleek overdrive.
lets get into a quick dossier of thomas…
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