Marcus Randall is A Wonderland

IMG_4599that he is.
so i have been following marcus randall’s career for a while.
i saw his modeling pictures during the “myspace” era and was hooked.
i thought he was incredibly handsome.
his body wasn’t bad either.
well he vanished off the scene,
but i saw his recent return on my photographer fav,
well who knew in his absence,
marcus was working on his career silently?
well lets talk about it…

at only 25 years old,
marcus has been in a number of commercials.
he has also worked alongside with beyonce and r kelly as well.
not only that,
he has published 4 books under his name.

December End (digital book)
9 4|Workbook
Calendar 9 4

one being the successful¬†“9 4: THE INTRODUCTION” in 2014.
well marcus launched a 5th new book called,
The Wonderlnad,
which is 70 picture e-book chocked full of visual stimulation.
here is a quick look at the trailer:


here are some various shots of marcus as well:

i know.
i know.
marcus actually sent me a personal copy his book,
and i am highly impressed.
it is really good.
a wolf who can write and take his shirt off?
well i’m going to have to talk with marcus pretty soon!
i want to share his story with the foxhole so stay tuned!

check out marcus randall’s,
under “m randall”,

barnes and noble
digital frog photography

his website:


…and more from his visual journey:


photos credited:

digital frog photography | foto119

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Marcus Randall is A Wonderland”

  1. THIS ONE IS MINE! I discovered him years ago, and he was my favourite model crush ever since, and then he like vanished! I haven’t seen his recent work though.
    I’ve been lusting after him for a long time my gawd. If you do get to meet him, please send him my love LOL! He’s beautiful. Those lips and eyes slay me, and then that body. He was my Kellon before there was a Kellon LOL! I need some water LOL!

      1. Man, I hope so, he’s really sexy, damn!
        Whatever he is, I just want a piece!
        I think he is even finer now than when I last saw him.
        Kudos to him!

  2. Mmmm papi is cute, but my fave foto is the hat one. Can you imagine walking in the bedroom and see his sexy ass.

  3. Y’all are on this one. By reading these comments, I can tell foxtails are up and ready lol.

    This man is fine as hell and he has to be a hard worker to have published four books. Wish him the best.

  4. I will definitely be checking out his books, love a man who can has an imagination and works out. win win

  5. I am not gay but I think I’m in love with Marcus Randall he just looks so good. he is the best-looking chocolate man I have seen in a long time.
    Thank you

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