You Just Raggedy: (Insert Your Rags 2 Riches Story Here)

tumblr_mkuu6vyyTD1s31z4co1_500_largeyou are hungry.
you haven’t had anything to fill you up in a while.
you have gotten use to the pain.
nothing inspiring has come your way.
is this life?
hell is this your life?
what have you become?
you need stripping.
you just raggedy.
your life just raggedy.
everything around you just raggedy.
well how do you start over?
how do you remove yourself from this dark corner?
how do you turn cardboard box living to condominium luxury?
do you continue to beg for someone to rescue you?
or do you get up and make it happen?
well somewhere beneath the rags,
deep inside your person,
you have the key.
the key that will unlock what you are searching for.
once you keep unlocking those doors,
you will find what you are looking for.
you will rise.
your place is waiting amongst the ranks.
now tho…
you just raggedy.
hell i am too.
it may take a minute,
but once we dig deep,
we will be able to stand up and walk away.
our lives are not meant for raggedy.

lowkey: raggedy don’t mean clothes tho.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “You Just Raggedy: (Insert Your Rags 2 Riches Story Here)”

  1. i was born and raised in Philly and i’ve went through hardships…but late 2014 and early 2015 my faith was tested…Homelessness, job loss, not being able to attend a top notch forensic program that i was accepted too due to not receiving my STEM scholarship which was 20k, and thus having a hard time to find sufficient work to maintain my livelihood…i went through so much but i maintained, and still do keep, a smile on my face…something inside of me won’t quit..maybe it’s my unwavering FAITH in GOD or just my optimism that keeps me going but so far 2015 has been better…i’m starting my classes back this summer, i was interviewed with too big companies this past Tuesday..i lost some weight (mainly due to the struggle lol, yall know the struggle diet :ramen, canned goods, cheap foods, etc…i havent reached the pinnacle yet but doors have opened and my GRIND still continues…and again you don’t even know how powerful you are…even you joke sometimes with your entries about different eye candy and etc Jamari you have a powerful aura about you…you have the power of communication…your words have been beacons of light to many in times of darkness and also a sense of humor when life has been overwhelming…your pinnacle of success is coming too friend…be blessed…sincerely Malcolm

    1. ^that testimony was so powerful malcom!
      i felt you HEAVY!
      i have been there and there right about now.
      like you,
      the grind doesn’t stop.
      i can admit that post on this site has been therapy for me.
      days i am so fed up with life i come on here and post.
      it helps to know i’m not alone when the foxhole delivers such powerful feedback.
      thank you for your feedback and your compliments.
      it keeps me going.
      many blessings you way!

    2. Very inspiring Malcolm! Hang in there and good luck to you buddy! You have incredible strength.
      Your intellect and skill will take you where you need to go! Keep going!
      That just gave me chills! Made me excited to go back to school in the fall!

  2. My life took a turn for the better once I cut out the people that basically served no purpose, or were always spouting something negative. That’s when things really started going my way. Once you surround yourself with positive people, people that are willing to do things instead of talking about doing it, your motivation gets a jump start. When I went back to school, my “friends” would say negative things to me instead of encouraging me, so I made up my mind they had to go. Jump forward many years later, they’re still stuck in their ruts…and I’ve moved on.
    It’s all about positivism.

    1. YES! It makes the difference! When you align yourself with the lifestyle that will support your goals and cut out all the toxicity. You will have no distractions.
      I only have a few close friends but they are loyal and supportive, and also goal oriented! They want it just as bad as I want it and have gone through similar experiences. Its important to have people who understand your struggle and experience as well as your goals.
      No fakeness, no bs.
      Yes, all about positive energy!

  3. Malcolm keep the faith and it will come to pass! I am not working right now either and end up moving to another city about a couple of months ago. I know how you feel and it is a struggle, but with GOD on our side we shall make it!!

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