Marcus Randall Gets An (INTERVIEW)

imageso marcus randall stopped by the foxhole today.
we had a quick interview because i am intrigued with his story.
as you know from ( x the last entry ),
i have been following his career since the myspace era.
how funny is it he is sitting down with me years later?
life is funny.
anyway check out our interview below…

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 8.09.27 PMhey marcus!
i am so thankful you sat down with me for this interview.
well i like to call it “fox talk”.
so lets get into it.
give the foxhole a little background for those who don’t know who you are!

MR: First, thank you for having me.
I really appreciate your time and this interview.

For those who aren’t familiar with me, my name is Marcus “M” Randall, I am an author, model, actor from Los Angeles, CA. I began perusing modeling nearly 8 years ago, finding both success and loss while following my dreams. since, being able to call my self a self published author, actor and producer as well. I encourage people to fight for their dreams, as I am fighting for mine.

JF: now i remember you from your myspace days,
and like i said in the last entry,
you just vanished off the scene!
can you tell us what was going on during that time?

MR: I recall the period where I had “vanished” and I wasn’t shooting as often.
There were a few reasons, for the silence.
I am naturally not the kind of person to overly use the internet, or apps or any of that stuff. If I am online it’s because I am working, or researching, or something.
Also, i remember getting off of MySpace, and starting Facebook, back when it was only for college students. Then I had Facebook and Twitter I followed the wave, however I wouldn’t post my modeling work, I would be doing photo shoots etc, I just wouldn’t talk about it. Until finally as the internet grew, and pictures would start to pop up left and right. People would send me pics, and Rufskin approached me with a big “return shoot” and it’s been nonstop since.

There was also a point in my life where I had to go into isolation and completely focus, and experience life, and the different sides of it. Ultimately bringing me to the book writing, which is my favorite thing to do of all. I feel like I am finally living in my purpose.

During that silence I was able to sharpen my mind, to strengthen my God-given ability. I began development on a 5 part fictional novel series, similar to Harry potter, Twilight, etc
JF: you have accomplished a lot at such a young age.
and i’m sure the sky is still the limit.
what advice can you give those who are chasing their dreams?

MR: Thank you.
My advice is, work hard, and believe in you. Don’t be afraid to give yourself a pat on the back. Listen to all advice, but only apply what fits. Never stop believing in the possibility that your dreams could come true. Also, don’t be afraid to use social media to contact/ network, great source to connect.

JF: now you have a lot of men who are fans of your work.
how do you feel about that?
does that attention make you uncomfortable?

MR: I appreciate everyone who stops their busy lives to like a picture of mine, or buy a product, each and every re-post, I appreciate it all. Fans are just like family, you don’t get to pick them. Lol

JF: your poetry book “9 4 | THE INTRODUCTION” is amazing.
i read a few entries and was completely blown away!
you are very talented.
what made you want to get your writing published?
what inspired you do a visual book with “THE WONDERLNAD”?

MR: Thank you.
Yes, “9 4 | The Introduction” was completely unplanned.
I mentioned the novel series prior.
The novel was expected to be released,
it had been two years of me working on it.
Then, summer of last year,
I did a family vacation,
upon returning I created 9 4,
in all of two weeks. Then of course the corrections etc, took longer.
I was tired of waiting, I wanted to do something for myself, going into it, I had no clue publishing a book would ultimately make me reconsider my decision to write. However, the end result was great. I was taught a lot. Google was my best friend, still is. Lol

The Wonderlnad, was also unplanned. It was created by, myself and Nathaniel A Kemp, who is an amazing photographer, and director. He is a good friend of mine, as well as my business partner, so a lot of the time we flow well, we feed off the others creativity. We shot the Wonderlnad, originally as (just me in bunny ears for Easter) then we re-shot “We Bunny” a month later, and we filmed it this time. A week passed, and I was preparing for another shoot, when Nathaniel, called me with this big elaborate idea. I loved it, and we immediately got to work. I love it. I think it is strongest body of work, because we single-handedly created the bride product, all the way down to film editing and distribution.
Wonderlnad is a 70 image digital book + behind the scenes video available at:

JF: I love foto119’s work,
i’m sure i’ve said a thousand times already.
you have taken such amazing shots with him.
what was it like collaborating with him?

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 8.22.56 PMMR: Thank you, I appreciate that.
Working with Foto is like no other, his mind is so powerfully creative, allowing a comfortable artistic environment. When shooting with Foto my only thought was “perfection” because I am a fan of his work also. So, when ever I am blessed enough to work with those I look up too, my dream photographers, I am always in awe. He indeed has some of my favorite images. Looking forward to working with him again.

JF: there a lot of models and actors right now.
the market is over saturated with talent (and lack there of).
where do you see yourself within the competition?

MR: I think what I do will naturally, and always separate me from others.  Being creatively involved with my projects, I am fortunate enough, to be able to create the things I wished excited for myself, or the opportunities I’d like to give others. I am doing this because I believe in me, and hope to encourage anyone battling that, be encouraged enough to continue, through it all. Believe in you.

JF: whats on the horizon for marcus randall?
what should we look out for coming up from you?

MR: I have a few projects I am working on, Rufskin, summer, with Logan Swiecki-Taylor. I am excited about that. Also working on the novel series, hoping the first out by Christmas, also the trilogy follow-up to “The Wonderlnad”.

JF: oh that sounds exciting!
ok def will be looking out for that!
where would you like to be in your career 5 years from now?

MR: In 5 years, I would like to be sitting in a ranch,
in the middle of nowhere,
writing my final novel to the 5 part installment.
“Best Seller”

JF: …and finally,
i like to ask this question…
 why should we follow marcus “m” randall?

MR: You should follow me because I am thankful for each
I always said upon starting out:

“if I had 1 person following and supporting me, supporting my art. I would be fine with that.”

I will always perform,
as if it were just me and that one person.

Follow me,
see all my latest work and images,
on Instagram:


purchase 9 4 | the introduction:

well thank you so much for answering these questions!
i hope my foxhole got to know the wolf behind the pictures better.
i want to wish you continued success and please,
keep me updated on what you have coming up!

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 8.30.59 PM…and scene!

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  1. Good interview. You asked really good questions and he gave nice answers as well. First step into a new level of blogging for you, keep it up.

  2. Jamari, you must have really been taken with Marcus, ’cause the grammatical and punctuation errors in this interview are verrrrrrrry middle school Beginning Journalism 101.

    1. I don’t think Jamari was presenting this as some sort of formal write up. Lol.

      Calm down.

      I’m sure he’ll consult you for editing tips when he’s ready tho Professor.

    2. I guess Hooked on Phonics rejected your job application with them huh? Get outta here with that shit bro.

  3. Forget a Barbara Walters Special we need a Jamari Fox Special great interview dude. You asked great questions we need more of these.

  4. @jamari! Great interviewer and interviewee . I was very inspired by you both. I feel interview section to the blog. Go Jamari. Getting out your dreams like Ye!

  5. This one is MINE! LOL! You all better slow your roll!
    Love this guy! I love any guy with aspirations, dreams, intelligence, like himself and damn he’s gorgeous!
    I can’t choose between him and Kellon!

    Joking aside, I hope you are able to achieve all of your goals Marcus! Keep working hard! Stay humble, I would love to support a man like him! God I love a good black man like that!

  6. I really like Marcus! He’s so humble and appreciative ! I got the Wonderlnad series and was completely floored lol. I think he’s the man I want to marry 🙂

    1. ^see and i like that.
      la la spoke about that last night.
      you have to be humble if you want to make it in life.

  7. Great interview, he’s done so much with his life is such a short amount of time.(. Time for me to get up on it) I will def be checking out some of his works I love reading fiction.

  8. Good lawwwwd,
    That pic blessed my soul.

    Great interview. I hope his drive and motivation motivates others.

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