So I Met La La Anthony Tonight By Accident

lalaant…and i own la la’s new book,
“the power playbook”,
in the process….

so i got a random text today from ( x the lunch date ) vixen.
she was going to la la’s new book signing today.
i was feeling tired,
and was getting over all that throwing up,
so i initially said:

“naw i’ll pass…”

i decided to go at the last minute.
those are often the times i have the most fun.

when we arrived at barnes and noble on 17th-union sq,
it was a pretty solid crowd.
they said in order for us to sit down,
we had to buy a copy of the book.
i’m heavily “inbetween blessings” right now so i was prepared to go.
the vixen bought me the book so i could join her.

giphygod i love her.
so we got some great seats and caught up on bullshit.
la la was late due to traffic,
but when she arrived 1/2 to start time,
her fans still went crazy.
who knew la la had fans like that?
who knew la la also had fine wolves as fans as well?

angie martinez was the host for 30 minutes.
she basically asked la la about the new book,
what it entailed,
and then the other 30 minutes was audience q and a.
the audience asked her some legit questions.
no fluff.
la la answered every question so professionally.
i was really impressed.
she actually changed my mind about her.
i always thought she was just a baller wolf wife.
she actually has a very interesting story.
and her uncle also came out to support her.
i thought that was nice.
then this happened:

carmelo anthony showed up.
when i say carmelo is SO FINE in person.
he took my breath away and i’m still waitin’ for it.
sorry la la.
being “honest”.

the vixen and i got our books signed,
we had to walk past fine ass carmelo to exit…
27-face-with-open-mouth-and-cold-sweat…and now i’m here talking to you.
i left that whole situation with a new view on la la.
not only is she stunning in person,
but she is actually really nice.
i told her how beautiful she was and i wished her much success.
i will def read the book and write a review for the foxhole.

powerplay…and who knows.
maybe a “la la anthony/fox talk” interview in the distant future?
we sha’ll see!

lowkey: la la!
if you are reading
who was that thick wolf you were talking to in the black shirt and hat?
he looked like he had a mohawk under said hat?
he came with a crowd of folks including one snow bunny.
either way he was a gem.
by “gem” i mean:

tumblr_inline_nbn5yswz6e1qk6mm4he looked like a baller wolf.
his ass was huge.
he gave me hot flashes.
can a fox get a name/instagram?

check out “the power playbook”: here | itunes

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7 thoughts on “So I Met La La Anthony Tonight By Accident”

  1. Lala always been different from other baller wives, cause she always been hustling with some business venture and has made a brand for herself w/o having to rely on who she associates with. She’s not ratchet or out here doing the most for 15 minutes of fame. Surprised that she had to grow on the foxhole. The woman is bad and above all else from what I’ve seen she makes smart choices.

  2. LOL…I couldn’t stand LaLa in her early years. She was annoying to me, both voice and looks. She stepped up her game TREMENDOUSLY over the years. I really like her now, and gained an appreciation for her watching her reality show. Miles ahead of those other ratchet bitches. Classy lady all around.

  3. Been a fan of Lala since TRL, she seems so nice and down to earth. Can’t wait until the review.

  4. Please write a review of the book, it sounds interesting! Lala always seemed like a very smart woman to me, never seemed like an opportunist like the others. And lastly, I’ve had a crush on Carmelo for years! He’s so cute, I’m glad their relationship has lasted so long. They’re a great looking couple.

  5. I’ve always loved LaLa since her MTV days. Glad you went and enjoyed yourself, and to add to that, you saw sexy Melo.

  6. What changed my mind about la la was the fact that her reality show came on after basketball wives. It was refreshing to see a woman who is married to a baller wolf not be so ratchet. She gives other aspiring baller wives hope that their days won’t be filled with catty in fighting among other wives/side-pieces and drink throwing.

    Real talk, celebrities always have some low key hotties in their entourages. Specifically security guards.

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