Can We Font About Mo McRae, Please? (Gather Round Foxhole)

over the weekend,
while on my sabbatical,
i watched a movie called “den of thieves”.
it starred 50 cent,
but the other main attarction was ^that chocolatey goodness.
meet mo mcrae.
he was definitely eye candy and you’ll see why…

…with some videos of how he gets that bawdy of his:


a little from mo’s dossier:

born: july 4th, 1982
age: 35
raised: south los angeles
height: 6’1 ( *faint* )
weight: “lean muscle”
sexuality: straight
occupation: actor/writer/director/eye candy

he has been in a number of shows including:

sons of anarchy
these iconic scenes on ray donovon and november rules:

ray donovan

november rule

i’ll allow it.
he’ll be in the up and coming season of “big little lies” on hbo.
i’ll be tuned in.

lowkey: don’t even get me started on pornstache from “oitnb”.
he was in “den of thieves” as well…

50 was lookig good in it too.
it was quite the buffet in that movie.
the plot was good too.
i was very satisfied at the end of it.

pictures and videos cc: mo mcrae | all owners of presented material

11 thoughts on “Can We Font About Mo McRae, Please? (Gather Round Foxhole)

  1. I became more of a fan when he was in the series, “Murder in The First” (TNT) with Taye Diggs. MO starred in Season two, good storyline. I always found him to be sexy. One whose appeal may not be for everyone and that’s suits me just fine!!

  2. Yeah, he became a thing when he first apparent on Ray Donovan! Damn, I miss having Showtime. lol

  3. He has what me and my foxes call “secret good body”. You’d never know he was holding like that because he isn’t an attentionisto. Truth be told he’s probably naturally muscular because those types are usually the least attentionisto.

    (He does lowkey look like Pepe the Frog tho.)

  4. Jamari, ooh!!!! Could you imagine riding the fuck out of that dark chocolate pole until the cows come running home? I swear I’d make him cum at least three times in one setting with his fine ass. And don’t even get me started on those beautiful ass feet.

  5. Maaaaaaaaan listen!
    I been on Mo McRae for a minute shouting his name from the rooftops lmao LBVS. He is so damn fine to me. There’s no way I could’ve been Tatyana Ali in November Rule and not gotten pregnant.

    1. ^WORD!!!!!!!

      i’m allowing everything.
      as soon as he showed up on the screen on “den of thieves”,
      i had google pulled up on my laptop.

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