So “The Walking Dead” Is About To Be Over & Out, I Reckon

well throw whole show away.
i’m starting to think it’s about time any way.
as it’s being reported,
one of my favorite leading actors from “the walking dead” is leaving next season.
guess who it is via “collider”

We’re hearing that, by the end of Season 9 of AMC’s hit drama series The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes himself will be walking away. That’s right TWD enthusiasts, Andrew Lincoln will be growling his way through the post-apocalyptic setting for just one more season before calling it quits. And while we won’t be spoiling just how the series’ founding character makes his exit, we do know that fans can only expect to see Lincoln in half-a-dozen episodes of the upcoming season.

bow legged snow wolf bae is making his exit.
it’s pretty much over once he leaves.
he is the star of that show.
they made the mistake of killing off carl.
he could been the “next of kin” to take over,
but they have ruined this show with shitty writing and development.
poor danai can’t even save it.
she needs to be making her exit next.
i have a question for the those who watched “the walking dead”:

Which season did they start to fuck up at?

i want to say when they killed glenn

…but they were on point with the comics.
maybe when they introduced negan?

he got annoying really quick.

lowkey: at this point,
there isn’t anything left for them to do.
i’m trying to figure out what they feed judith.

article cc: collider

3 thoughts on “So “The Walking Dead” Is About To Be Over & Out, I Reckon

  1. I think things started going downhill when they prolonged the whole Negan storyline. They should have brought him in and ended it in one season just like they did the Governor but some one musta been getting some sloppy toppy or something from Jeffrey Dean Morgan because that whole storyline took nearly 2 whole seasons to wrap up.I bet they were trying to put all their eggs in the Negan basket but it backfired hard. Then when they killed off Glenn, and then Carl, I knew the show was on its last legs.

    1. ^i agree 110%

      you never know what’s going on bts.
      sexual favors definitely have been keeping characters on for more than a few seasons.
      it’s always the story in different shows.

  2. Can’t say I’m sad. I was glad they killed Carl. Never liked that character. Wished they’d killed him earlier.
    With Rick leaving and Maggie going part-time as well (she has a new show), it may be time to delve into the other characters more prominently. Truthfully, it’s become boring. There was a time when I made sure I didn’t miss an episode, now I could care less if I did. Negan’s storyline was drawn out, and he did become an annoying character.
    It may well be time to end it…but bring in the Whisperers first!
    Besides, I like Into The Badlands better.

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