When Straight Friends Run From Their Naked Gay Ones?

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viewer discretion is strongly advised.

sidebar: i want to thank everyone for all the well wishes.
i saw your comments,
and emails.
i needed to step away from the world for a few.
did that and now i’m back.
let’s font…

now i said i wasn’t gonna font about deven hubbard,
especially after ( x the last entry ).
the way how my petty is set up tho…
so a lot of shit went down this memorial day weekend.
as you know,
it was pride in dc so i’m sure it was full of shenanigans.
alleged sex tapes,
and gossip welcomed.
aside from that,
 a baiter named “jericho” rode in with some alleged exclusives.
it was from the confusing world of deven and vinny.
this is what they decided to show us…

even though i’m loving this karma on deven,
i’m a little disturbed tho.

Why is Vinny so messy?

it’s like the straight wolf who bangs all the pretty vixens,
but as soon as it’s done,
cannot wait to start bragging to everyone about it.
as a gay fox,
i’d never do this to my straight friends/dl lovers.
it’s really gross and doing too much.
i’m a different kind of gay tho so…
they all caused it on themselves tho.
water definitely seeks its own level.
i’ll give it to them tho.
they are consistent with the mess.
what’s next?

lowkey: imagine if deven was a vixen and this was leaked.
how would we respond to it?

article cc: jericho

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

26 thoughts on “When Straight Friends Run From Their Naked Gay Ones?”

  1. ghey brick face… and that blond color makes him more ghey. since both of them are blonde right now. couples.

      1. He DEFINITELY won’t be playing in the NBA. The players would NEVER let him live this shyt down!!
        I’m like you, J. I keep my shyt private as possible, and try to mess with others who are just as, if not more, discreet as I am.
        Messy gays make it hard for others when they do shyt like this.
        It’s possible that maybe Deven knows though, Who really knows what’s going on between them?! Stunting for the ‘Gram…you can have it.

  2. I was waiting on this post. I think people are just intrigued by these two. Let them continue to entertain their fans. Clearly they have a following that supports them financially and otherwise. I’m starting to see that this is the new trend: instafame-porn. Like it’s a whole industry by itself

    1. ^ yep. Loads of instagram dudes are charging for amateur porn on these sites. Its really oversaturated at this point. All these hoes want you to pay for their onlyfans when Tumblr exists lol. Somebody is going to leak it for us.

      As far as the Vinny & Deven situation, I saw this on Tumblr last night lol. I was about to send this video to you J but I see you had the plug already. Deven is an attention whore so he knows what he’s doing. More power to him because that couldn’t be me with Vinny. Uh uh.

      1. ^thank you for thinking of me!
        i saw it as soon as i woke up and made sure i had this up.

        well deven has nothing else but to be an attentionisto.
        he could try acting,
        but these receipts…
        i dunnnnnnnnnnooooooo…
        maybe hollywood can wipe his hoe clean like they did draya.

  3. Welcome back Jamari. Glad you’re bright eyed and bushy tailed today.

    I’ll leak it. You know I don’t play bout my coinz.

    Some may hate this comment but this is a low point if you ask me. The fact that gay men will pay to see some ashy peen jackoff videos and brief ass shots screams dehydration in Zimbabwe.

    I’m starting to learn that straight men are desperate or dumb or desperately dumb…I am amazed at how often these dudes get baited and do weird shyt. I saw one kid stick a plunger in his ass. What in the gay hell of Julius Cesar’s left testicle is going on with these dudes.

    I had recently saw a post where a dude was charging $50 for a private jackoff video. I mean wtf would actually pay $50 to watch somebody jackoff…from a smartphone? Xtube, Pornhub, Tumblr…have that covered

    And then some of them be like I have cash app..donating to this helps me buy more toys & underwear for videod

    Huh? No nigga. Get off yo Planet Fitness Build a Body ass and go do some work & buy your own shit. I only purchase quality content..Not 5 minute video clips hacked into 30 second exculsives.

    And that lil lite skinned Muppet is naked again huh? He does have a nice body…Was that his “gay friend” that was naked too?

    Seeing them with blonde hair is like watching a lost audition tape for White Chicks…

    I’m antsy today. I went to the store early this morninh and they didn’t have any Twizzlers. I had a craving that didn’t get fulfilled…sob. Got gummy worms instead.

    1. True! Thirst is the only reason these onlyfans pages makes money and I’m sure it’s affecting the black gay adult film industry which was already struggling.

      1. ^ The gag is that Deven is real MUTE about this onlyfans account because I found out about it on Tumblr. So it must be Vinny who is posting all of the exclusives and Deven is suffering in silence lmaoooo.
        Its like Vinny is doing all of this for the public while Deven always looks uncomfortable.
        Is Deven still “dating” that Asian girl? I swear some of these dudes have no shame. He’s 20 now, he needs to get off his ass & do something with himself because clearly he seems to only fuck with Vinny to stunt on the gram.

        Also @Jammy your comment TOOK ME OUT LMAO.

  4. I wish the fuck i would pay to see some dick 😐 Bytch there are starving children in the world and hoes wanna pay $20+ a month! for niggas that give no fucks about you!?!? I say to those dudes; look yaself in the mirror, give yaself a good slap, and next time send atleast 5 of them dollars to FEED THE CHILDREN!

  5. Hold on nah. Wait a minute. So I saw a pic of Seven on Tumblr today with him in her with his legs swinging to the East and West and the pic was watermarked Jericho. I honestly thought it was Fake news as you know these days every damn thing is Fake. Now I see you have more receipts with the same watermark and a video which is also on Tumblr.

    Lord have mercy. These hoes ain’t normal. I pity them. Both Deven and his controversial friend Vinny both deserve each other. He’s young and im sure we will hear later on in his life as he gets older that he was ypung and seduced and blah blah blah.

    Yup. I’ve seen this movie before and the ending is not a pretty one.

  6. I’m dying @ the Rihanna gifs, but, WELP this isn’t shocking at all and I’m sure more “leaks” will surface. I really don’t understand Deven, first I paid it to being young & dumb but now I’m positive he’s dumb di di dumb and desperate for attention.

    Vinny is SOFUCKING creepy UGH.

  7. Well damn. I did not expect this leakage, but I am not surprised either. Deven has no excuse this time. That man’s whole dick was hard? What were they doing?

  8. What’s the REAL problem with being gay out here? Cause Deven is looking like a whole fool in these streets. Women see these suggestive photos of him and Vinny and what they supposed to think? They bros? Vinny’s mom knows that he is openly gay, what’s the problem with everybody knowing? If everybody knew about y’all, it would stop the rumors and gossip. The only person that looks a fool is DEVEN.

    They both have nice pieces though. But Vinny messy as fuck for that. He too old to be playing the childish games he plays. Deven is the youngest dude to be chasing clout from a gay man that rents foreigns and scams casinos just to stunt.

  9. I don’t feel bad whatsoever. Vinny is taking advantage of him. And for whatever reason feels like he’s the man and is pretty damn messy actually. A shame really

  10. I’m not buying the “young & dumb” excuse. Yes it can apply in some instances but I also believe that once you try something and see that you don’t like that lifestyle then that should be your one way out ticket. Ive made some mistakes in the past and knew not to do them again because I felt so bad after. Who knows? Maybe Deven enjoys this shit lol

    I’m one year older than Deven & even though times can get scary financially (I’m a college student, go figure), I’d be DAMNED if I was fucking some frog faced scamming ninja who does nothing but EMBARRASS me online. When you see their past videos its obvious that Vinny is trying to expose Deven and Deven just lets it happen.

    Some of these young guys like older guys though but you always gotta watch out because many of them know that they can manipulate you. Deven is a fool and Vinny is just nasty (aesthetically and figuratively). I hope Vinny knows that these thirsty hoes pay for that mess to see Deven’s naive silly ass. Not him. This nicca really charging $20 a month LMAO. Thats how you know its obvious that he coerced Deven into this mess because who is trying to pay $20 to see Vinny? Idc for either of them attention whores but this won’t end well.

    Also theres a cropped video surfacing on Tumblr of some light skin guy getting fucked missionary style. The heads are cropped so you can’t see who it is, apparently Vinny posted that video on his onlyfans knowing damn well that its not him nor Deven in the video. Ole scamming ass. Jericho spilled the tea and let it be known that its not Vinny or Deven who are having sex in that video.

  11. I simply do not understand the general consensus that Vinny is a creep and Deven is a victim. What is the age of grown-ass manhood these days? How many times does Vinny need to “embarrass” Deven for it to be Deven’s fault for letting it happen? How is the john evil but the ho innocent? This is not a man exploiting a child, which is justly illegal. This is two men deciding to grab their 15 minutes of fame by exploiting their big dicks and lingering questions about their relationship. I see no evidence of Deven being forced to participate in this fuckery nor any that he has even suggested that he might remove himself from the situation. I enjoy the shenanigans and look forward to much more. #SexTapePlease

    1. They say “embarrass” because Deven never posts this stuff on his account, he portrays himself as this heterosexual playboy who’s living la vida loca and Vinny just happens to be his “friend” who pops up in a photo every now and then. Its always Vinny posting love hearts, compromising videos of Deven which suggests that they’re in some sort of intimate relationship; videos of Deven in the shower or Deven sleeping beside him in the bed shirtless. I’m not saying that Deven is unaware of the videos but I’m just saying that it looks “creepy” from the outside looking in. Deven is always running away from the camera whenever Vinny records him doing something “suspect”.

      I by all means don’t believe that Deven is a victim because he’s a 6 feet something 20 year old with huge muscles compared to that scrawny weirdo. Deven knows what to do. Deven clearly felt some type of way though thats why he felt the need to disable his comments on his recent IG photos whereas Vinny didn’t. Vinny is milking this mess.

      Deven even felt the need to “address” it on his story telling folks not to believe what they hear. We can all see who the bothered one out of the two is. Vinny is using this dude as a trophy on social media whilst Deven is using him to stunt on the gram because clearly Deven lives for social media validation. Both attention whores.

      Either way I’m just here for the mess so I will be here whenever some new shit unfolds.

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