“red pants” down at the atl protests is someone we know

i love a full circle moment.
so if you been part of the foxhole for a while,
you might already know who ^that is in the red pants.
folks on twitter wanted to know who he is after a foxholer sent me this video:

well he was (is?) part of a crew that the foxhole is familiar with
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deven hubbard is a straight daddy

deven hubbard posted this picture and the caption was this:

he is letting us know that he didn’t gain any baby weight.
deven is a daddy now.
to some of you,
a heavy “dilf“.
his daughter has arrived and this is what he posted on his ig…

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ya’ll were wrong about deven hubbard

the best thing deven hubbard ever did for himself was cut his hair.
that mop he had made him look full muppet.
no favors.
now tho:

i can see why most of you are so obsessed.
sidebar: a low cut can make you look more clean cut.
excessive hair on your head can age you.

so the foxhole has been begging me to post this about deven…
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deven hubbard takes it all off (and i’ll allow it)

so straight gay icon,
deven hubbard,
has a change for this year.
one that i’m thankful for.
he doesn’t have a job or accepts vinny has his alleged soulmate.
he has done something better!

He has cut that dead animal from off his head!

he debuted his new look and…
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deven hubbard is a (alleged) dad

so i guess we’re adding alleged “deadbeat dad” to his list of titles?
i know some of the foxhole cares about deven hubbard.
a foxholer alerted me he has a alleged baby out here…
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