“red pants” down at the atl protests is someone we know

i love a full circle moment.
so if you been part of the foxhole for a while,
you might already know who ^that is in the red pants.
folks on twitter wanted to know who he is after a foxholer sent me this video:

well he was (is?) part of a crew that the foxhole is familiar with

his name is rio and he use to hang tough with vinny and deven.
these days,
he’s a social justice warrior wolf down in atl for the protests and we love to see it.

he is looking even better from back then:


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Love 🀞🏽❀️

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I been feelin really good lately ,

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Funny how we was done , but we speakin now

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Β thicker,

and going against the hunters with no fucks to give?

love it.

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23 thoughts on ““red pants” down at the atl protests is someone we know”

  1. He’s lucky he only got a small cut from kicking that glass! Dude damn coulda seriously sliced himself up kicking DOWNWARD like that, I saw that slight limp as he stepped away πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ

  2. He is foolish for at least two reasons. 1.Participating in such foolish as rioting. 2. Destruction of property on camera. After such events occur, the police review video, identify law breakers arrest and charge them. My guess is that he will be in custody within six months.

    1. Is exactly what I was saying while reading this.

      Plus why were they damaging the CNN HQ? I’m confused. I’d understand FoxTV but CNN is literally covering the protests unbiased.

      Cuomo had a whole monologue about White Privilege and how it affects black folk.

  3. Why y’all out Rio like that, Instagram shut him down lol. I got mad love for Rio right now. Not only is he business smart, he street smart too, so props to Rio. Hope he don’t get arrested for that tho lol.

  4. Really? We’re glamorizing someone who is behaving like a damn monkey by destroying property and participating in civil unrest? What does him kicking out glass doors and windows have to do with George Floyd?

    Answer: NOTHING

  5. So much respects for RIo. Different material from the other narcissistic COONS he use to hang out with. In the face of racism be mindful and remember not the one who is the racist but the one who was quiet.

  6. I think I need a trip down to “Rio” πŸ˜‹
    He needs to use his anger on a nice juicy wet hole πŸ’¦πŸ‘Œ
    Hey Rio wear the same outfit πŸ˜‰

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