where do we go from here? (end game)

anytime that i’m confronted with an issue in my life,
or i’m pretty head strong about the “how something will happen“,
the pretty vixen always asks me:

“So what’s the end game?”

i’m confident of my answer and others,
i’m like “uuuuh?”.
as black people,
we all want justice for the crimes against our people.
we have gained many “allies” as well.
don’t be fooled tho:

we have been protesting to show this wicked government we are tired,
but i couldn’t help but wonder…

Where is the organization for the “after”?

i watched the following from whoopi on her ig:


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i don’t always see eye to eye with her views,
but she shares some of the same sentiments from that video as i do.
after the fires have been put out and we have raged against the machine:

Where do we go from here?

i think its a valid question that we all need to find the answers for.
it is such a blessing to see us come together to fight this evil.
i’ve always said:


black vixens and males; gays and straights.
we are all standing together on the front lines taking full control,
but we need to get a strategy going because the government will hit back.
we need to be prepared for it,
but how?

Am I wrong for thinking this?

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “where do we go from here? (end game)”

  1. I just think many Black people especially celebrities have amnesia. Many of us have this privilege to where we want things to change but simultaneously expect someone else to do it. All throughout history change didn’t come with sacrifice, violence or etc. Shifting of POWER never occurred by being passive. I’m not saying go protest but if they’re not going protest think of a viable solution. They wont because they’re comfortable. After MLK Jrs death Riots happened all across the country for about 6days. Right afterwards govt passed the national holiday to observe him. Haiti obtained their independence through an uprising. Even Scripture says there’s a time for everything. Then sadly people are so focused on the symptoms of rioting they fail to address the sickness of white supremacy and racism. They all keep saying that we need to better yet they’re conceiving nothing. Martin tried to do better and was killed. Huey tried to do better and was killed. We need more mentors out here and resources. Many people in Philly still haven’t received all of their money. So folks were looting supermarkets and everything

  2. Thank you Whoopi, its always good and refreshing to get pointers from an OG like her and I hope she does more posting. I heard ppl were starting groups to reorganize for future peaceful demonstrations. I was disappointed what I saw in ATL and I guess the Target stores was symbolism but I wonder for the employee at that spot. This is the perfect storm leading to our election to wake ppl up and vote and elect official that will serve our demands as society at hand.

  3. Black people are literally being murdered in these peaceful protests. A Black man who tried to subdue a shooter was killed on Saturday. 22 years old. His name is James Scurlock

    6 days after Dr. Martin Luther King’s deeath, the Civil Rights Act was passed. The Stonewall riots initiated by Black trans women in 1969 is wht was the catalyst for Gay and Trans rights. Gay marriage was only legalized in 2014 and not in every state! Peaceful protesting just bothers people blocking the streets. Oh wait, it’s a pandemic and we’re in quarantine. Who is being inconvenienced in the streets?! Destruction of property is what they respond to as they care more about things than lives. It was literally illegal to be gay. Transwomen had to have their “sex checked” by police! Entire Black communities have been burned to the ground and people are crying over Gucci a racist brand and I never see tears for Black businesses.

    I am so sick of the “destroying your neighborhoods” myth. Target is a symbol of White supremacy refusing to serve Black protestors who wanted to purchase items. It’s a symbol that we built this and can and WILL destroy it if necessary. There will always be people who take advantage of riots to loot, but the majority is peaceful and yet we’re still dying. Where is all of this “peaceful energy” for wars that they say are to fight terrorism but are in countries where the terrorists aren’t even from, but oil is? What about the peaceful protestors being shot and killed? So they’re supposed to bathe the streets in our blood? Anybody who thinks Black people need to be peaceful is sitting behind a computer, complaining while others are taking action.

    White people HATED MLK but now they’re quoting him. I wasn’t alive then, but I can see what they did to him. They will try the same mess 10 years from now saying “Black Lives Matter”, the same way they say “MLK had a dream”

  4. The end game is legislation. We need federal laws set in place to keep police brutality at Bay. Unfortunately for us the Senate and white house don’t particularly care if things burn down. There may not be appetite to do anything.
    Ultimately that we as black people need to realize our collective power and vote. Not just in presidential elections but local local local. We need to vote for city council, and school council and any election that affects our community. We have to channel our power into our votes.

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