how has your mental health been during the riots and protests?


one of my home vixens,
called me in tears this morning.
she is feeling angry,
and confused.
her feelings are valid especially during times like this.
even tho are seeing black folks fighting on the front lines,
for many,
mental health issues have been popping up.
no one is really fonting about it,
but we will

i’m feeling a really strange sense of calm within me.
some days,
i have a heaviness within my spirit,
but i try to step away from my everything when i can.
i’ll go play video games or research things in helping with my financial/spiritual growth.

we are in a very emotionally draining climate at the momenr.
many black people are tired of injustice and the way things have been going.
we are tired of seeing modern day lynches being played out on social media.
some are on the front lines; others choose not to be.
whatever you are doing and it’s effecting your mentals

Step away if you can

we are being bombarded with so much information at one time.

Celebs getting cancelled for idiotic thoughts
Destruction and the collapse of America

…and then add on your own personal shit.
it can be a lot to consume at once,
but you have to find your peace within the flames.
it’s okay to step away from it all and find solace in something else.
there are times when i just start watching a show or documentary to “escape”.
i’ve been playing more video games and plotting whats next for my life/career.
i’d love to find solace with another male,
but some play too much (mind) games and can add on to even more stress.
in all honesty,
this new climate seems to be bringing about:


we are living in the days of tremendous change,
death and spiritual rebirth,
and a new normal in the terms of how we interact.
life changed for all of us after march 2020.
the country is in the midst of a rebirth and so should you.
so if you’re feeling the weight of it all,
step away and start doing the work “inside”.

Astrology Twitter and Foxhole said we should all have been doing “inside work” because 2020 was gonna be a doozy.

i guess they were all right.
so don’t let this all consume you or you’ll be destroyed as well.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “how has your mental health been during the riots and protests?”

  1. Friday I felt like I was watching a front stage performance of a play only to wake up the next morning to realize i’m apart of it. I want a reset but the reset I feel like its going back decades. I don’t know what to feel, I go to Publix to see police in various spots like “whats going on”. Its too much, Lord come get me now!

    1. ^dont say “lord come get me now” because you will be taken from the world.
      it’s a whole new world and this might be the new normal for a while.

  2. At this rate we haven’t seen anything yet—Soon we will find out we are not alone in the universe. Grab ahold of some sanity and hang on. stay watchful. Stay safe.

  3. With people being out of work and school and the summer about to begin…these protests may last a while.

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