are you “lowkey happy” or are you fallin’ for his bullshit again?

sometimes two people are not ready for each other.
it could be romantically or even platonic,
but i believe a good separation is often required for a future connection.
as humans,
we don’t appreciate things until they leave and want nothing to do with us.
don’t get me wrong,
some people are just not good for you.
i’m not talking about those jackals and hyenas.

Issa and Lawrence from “Insecure” are a pretty good representation of this.

last nights episode of insecure,
“lowkey happy”,
had me all in my feels at their reconnection…
i’m not gonna lie to you,
i felt low-key envious of what two fictional characters have.

They were together for 5 years,
One cheated because the relationship was stagnant and the other one got broken.
To fix himself,
He went out there and sowed his wild oats.
As hurt as she was,
She went out there to see what she could find.
They were holding onto the connection,
but decided to be civil and let go.

After doing all of this,
they both ended up finding their passions,
and a much needed glo up.
He realized that everything led back to her.
She felt the same as well.
cue: last night’s episode.

that can a reality,
but it can also be a fairy tale.

Your ex situations see that you’ve glo’d up and want another slice.

people are sexier when they’re glowing and confident from self work.
your ex situation hasn’t done any growth in the separation.
i see it with foxes,
and even with myself.
we think we’ve moved on and:

“OMG my ex started looking at my stories again…”

“OMG this dude i use to talk to randomly hit me up during the Rona…”

“OMG this one dude that ghosted me is suddenly making effort…”

yeah so…
he just wants to fuck the “new” us.

his options are low and he knows how to get back into our lives to ruin it again.
he might have learned new ways to fuck shit up too.

We just remember how the dick was and want “that” again.
I doubt we want the human it’s attached to.

it should be common sense,
but loneliness is a muthafucka.

i believe if you’re gonna reconnect with someone,
there needs to be conversation and observation.
people can talk good game that produce endorphins,
but is it really the truth?
it has to a mutual growth and accountability from both ends.
fuck sex,
the love bombing:

Is this person worth the new me I’ve worked so hard on since the split?

if you’ve truly glo’d up,
you’ll knowthe answer to this.
not the emotional answer…

The logical one.

lowkey: issa rae and jay ellis have amazing chemistry.
i felt so much good energy from this episode.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “are you “lowkey happy” or are you fallin’ for his bullshit again?”

  1. I really loved this episode. Everything about it was great. The cinematography, the music, the acting. Love this show

  2. I am in a Issa and Lawrence type of situation! Me and Shawn dated 7 years broke up we wanted different things. From 2014 to 2018 we did our own thing. 2018 from 2020 we been doing the long distance relationship. We finally move in together June 17. It’s been rough we in it for the long haul.

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