did greg ym cancel himself over his opinion on why some deserved police brutality?

these riots and protests are really showing the true sides of those we celebrated or found attractive.
some are on the front lines,
speaking out,
or self cancelling themselves.
i really like when folks i fantasize about don’t open their mouths.
that mystery is sex to me.
i found greg ym aka @_gregym sexy because of how he looked,
but he decided to open his mouth and kill it for me.
he had a rant about police brutality in his ig stories.


so he said every video he watched victims being not compliant.
does he realize innocent black folks were killedjust because by the police?
philando castile.
sandra bland
mike brown.
trayvon martin.
breonna taylor.
alton sterling.
tamir rice.
erc garner.
atatiana jefferson.

amadou diallo.
the list goes on and on.
i’ve seen a video where someone was pepper sprayed with their hands up during the protests.

the nypd are notorious for fuckin’ with innocent black folks “just because”.

What is Greg even talking about?

after ya’ll got in his entire ass,
he posted this:

yeah greg how about:

That’s why people are fuckin’ protesting and rioting!

and then he posts some random opinion from his dms:

that sounds like the words of someone who wants to suck greg’s dick.

greg sounds terribly misinformed and incredibly tone deaf.
what was he thinking even posting that nonsense?
that is kitchen table talk among your closest circle.
he sounded really dumb,
but sadly,
most of these folks (including celebs) are.
i don’t know if he is cancelled or just needs a time out.
whatever he does,
he needs to watch more videos and do some research.

videos cc: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

41 thoughts on “did greg ym cancel himself over his opinion on why some deserved police brutality?”

  1. People need to realize that it’s very easy to download Instagram stories. Just because it disappears doesn’t mean someone didn’t make a copy before it did .

  2. Something must be in the water in Cali…cuz I don’t know about a lot of y’all over there. LAPD must be getting soft and now you pineapples comfortable lol

    I knew NYPD was bad but the videos I’ve seen of them these past few days have been awful….and it’s Latino and black ones too in addition to white cops!

    Y’all might need to come back to the south, that cost of living and NYPD is not worth it lol

  3. I’ma timestamp this post, so that in the future, if he has an encounter with the cops that goes sour, I don’t grab my cape to defend this misguided ignoramus…pretty face and bulging muscles be damned.

    Rest in power George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, Agatha Felix, João Pedro Matos Pinto, and so many others who have died at the hands of police misconduct both in America and beyond.

  4. Can we just stick a cock in this snow queen’s mouth 😮
    I use to follow him because he is very attractive and body is bangin…but when he opened his mouth…I can’t 😂
    He really needs a reality check smh.

    1. I couldn’t even listen to him Or watch the video because his voice doesn’t match his body lol. He sounds like my little sister. Immediately turned off

  5. Sad case of the attentionisto failing at trying to sound informed and political. He made this more about him than the actual victims. Don’t know what videos he’s watching, but there are many videos online of black people complying and still being handled with intense force. I’m so confused on what point he was trying to make.

  6. Watched the videos and:

    First, he said he is giving his opinion. Understood. He said what he said about the issue and based on HIS observations, none of the victims were cooperative with law enforcement. From the videos and “parts” they did show to the public, none of them were cooperative. But he never stated which videos he saw. Those with no video evidence of the incident had to be surveyed by a medical practitioner to assess the injuries. They can tell how someone died in a number of ways including down to the force and range of a bullet.

    For instance, Sandra Bland, autopsy reports explicitly show injuries consistent with suicide. What was captured on video was an officer threatening to use a taser because she wouldn’t put out her cigarette when asked. It’s not easy to fake a suicide at all. If she would have been killed by blunt force trauma and then set in a position to make it look like she killed herself, it would have been documented in the final report. So either the medical practitioner is lying just for the hell of it or it’s the extremist lighting the flare to ignite the people. Believe as you see fit.

    The rest of this dude’s Snaps or whatever they are called don’t have a strong foundation to stand with his claims. While he is free to give his opinion, never do it without accurate and factual data on hand to refute any naysayers. He knew they were coming and failed his point miserably by making a reply that said, “When you have dealt with police your whole life, you’ll understand…”

    Huh? That’s not how you handle people. We’ve all dealt with police officers in our lifetime. Some of us may even be spouses or sleep with them.. Also, telling people you’ve had to deal with police officers your whole life doesn’t sound too good without a better explanation to why you said it. Is someone in your family a cop you are close to or were/are you someone who breaks the law continuously because if it’s the second one…Why do you keep doing it? It sounds to me like these Snaps are a mixture of majority resistance and a thirst viral clout and, as mean as it sounds, it’s a candidate for the Dunner-Kruger effect.

    You bring people facts…They have their opinions, you have yours, and then we have factual information by professionals, who are trained to handle specific situations and record accurate data to dispel conspiring conspiracies based off just aimless emotions. Some police officers are racists and some do lie, but the final medical analysis & data for murders is extremely hard to fake. You might can get an er locally but not when it becomes a federal issue.

    As far as his claim about listening to officers. He is correct, but only partially. Some officers will abuse their power and it depends on the situation such as the EMT woman who was shot in her apartment.

    As far as the riots. Basically walking targets, who are setting themselves to be arrested, shot or ran over by any number of psychos or racists who are waiting for the green-light to leave their impression. Think back to Charlottesville. I don’t see the point of them looting either. While, you can’t shoot a looter legally, that doesn’t mean someone wont.

    1. I think what you are saying makes a lot a sense in this whole thing but I was reading a comment from you in another post & I can never tell if you’re being serious or just saying something just to get a reaction sometimes. I’m not being shady or anything because most of you’re posts are really good but sometimes I find them kinda confusing cuz u you sound like you agree but then like u don’t. Neutral?

        1. Damn, lol.

          I love his (or her, because sometimes I think they might be female or whatever from some of the comments I’ve read??) but they do be having long stuff sometimes but they aint one sided or biased ir rude to anyone outright like some of the other posters who don’t agree sometimes & they be having stuff in their comments to go look up. My other favorite poster is another poster named Black Pegasus.

          Both of their comments be funny as hell sometimes cause they just be unapologetic & make you think but neither of them post as much as I’d like. I like a few other posters too here and there who are entertaining.

          What I do like about this site though is their are different posters that be havin they diff opinions.

          I try to read everyone’s comments now. I need something to clear my mind during these hard time too though…sigh.

          I’m praying for everyone. Stay safe.

  7. This Dumb ass FORGOT that MOST COPS :


    Thus making many of us defensive , fearful, defiant and puzzled,!!!!

    What a Coon!!!!!

    1. This is just me, but I’m also bothered by the fact that he didn’t even acknowledge he was a person of color. Hello, maybe that’s a strong reason why you’ve had so many run ins with law enforcement.

      A lot of people also don’t think about that law enforcement have a terrible reputation when it comes to handling POC. Some people aren’t always running or resisting because they’re trying get away with a crime, they’re fearing for there life. Logically, resisting and running from a cop is problematic and shouldn’t be done, but who’s thinking logically when they’re in fear. He was more desirable as a mute.

  8. Wow no words, i guess it must be this new fangle multicultural world we live in. The gay man in me must admit, I think this dude is a standout in the sea of good looking men, but I heard him actually speak a couple of weeks ago on his exercise program and his stock immediately fell but after hearing this bullshit he is being put in the dustbin. I can already tell he is All Lives Matter kind of dude. I dont know his sexuality but whether he is str8 or gay, I am sure no one Black will stand a chance. So many people in the public eye who depend on followers for their daily bread are getting canceled left and right. Just saw Twitter comedienne Desi Bank get his ass handed to him for staying some dumb shit like this to his followers, apparently losing literally hundreds of thousand overnight. So many of these pretty boys just need to be quiet.

  9. According to greg ym, this South Sudenese FBI agent should’ve just complied and let the officers, who didn’t inform the man as to why they were arresting him in the first place–SOMETHING THEY ARE REQUIRED TO DO, arrest him and possibly charge him on false charges for god knows how long…


    Back in the day, poor excuses for black men like greg ym would’ve made good bed bucks. Gladly bending over and spreading his cheeks for massa. FOH!!!

  10. To be honest I blame some of you guys! Bugging up these muscle heads and paying their only fans because they look and fuck good. No sir I know how they think and some are not worth the attention we give them. I am never attracted to any of the men posted on here because they remind me of the jocks in high school people break their necks to be with. Give me an average Joe thick guy with brains and intellect that loves being out and the foxhole and I am good

    1. ^celebs and d listers have been showing their ass too.

      i think everyone who bigs up anyone these days,
      especially those who are d list and ig people,
      are learning they are pretty common.

    2. Speak on it. It could come out that one of these guys raped someone and they’d say, “I’d let him rape this bussy” and carry on like nothing happened.

  11. I won’t name call or mock his voice but I will say this —-that clown 🤡 is exactly why our country is in a crisis —his opinions are just that; they are dangerous and give aid and comfort to pro-racists who want to preserve white supremacy

  12. People like him are dangerous. He is the type that would show up in a clip on Fox news with the caption, “black man doesn’t believe the propaganda of black lives matter.” He is giving fuel to anti blacks.
    He needs to do better, instead of victim blaming. No one deserves to die for having an attitude, no one deserves to be beaten because they werent subservient enough. Black people should not have special rules of conduct for dealing with the police. He needs to understand that to some cops your skin makes you a criminal and the police system will cover up any and all wrong doing.

  13. Greg. you had 2 jobs..stand there and look good. Dont speak..dont think..and breathe only if you have to

    He speaks like ho slow af

  14. Wow. His voice does not match his body. At all. Also does he bat for our team? …I got heavy sweet fruit vibes. But, seriously while I do respect his opinion it’s stuff like this that annoys tf out of me. Why yes, being compliant could increase your chances of getting out of the situation unscathed that does not in any way guarantee that you will get out of the situation scot-free. Like what? There are plenty of cases where black people have not resisted in any way shape of form against police and yet their lives were STILL ruined or lost. So he missed his flight with that one, he needs to catch another one. Better yet just don’t speak period. I don’t understand why these Instagram celebs or other are coming out trying to “educate” or vocalize “a different perspective”. Either help out during these distressing times or keep quiet. Now is not the time for “look at it from their side”. No one wants to hear the bullshit. The tale of George Floyd could have easily been his tale. Like I really don’t understand how my fellow black brothers/sisters fail to realize this. I’m over it.

    1. “while I do respect his opinion” People really take playing the devil’s advocate the wrong way. Never when it’s a complex unclear situation but on obviously morally wrong situations defending coons and racists.Someone would say the Earth is flat and y’all would say you respect their opinions smh

      1. But…I never defended what he said. I’m against what he said completely. That’s first off. Second, he is entitled to his opinion (as misguided as it is) as everyone else on this planet is. If those are his views on the situations happening then those are his views. And I said “respect” because he wasn’t voicing his opinion maliciously or viciously so I wasn’t going to counter argue what he said full of malice. The same energy he presented I gave back. Like what?

          1. Saying he’s entitled to his OPINION and that you respect it. This is not the time or place to be spouting that rhetoric. There is only facts and facts are, a man was killed unjustly.

  15. This is why I’m not rooting for everyone Black.

    Skinfolk is not kin folk. Types like him will retweet a White girl missing but scroll past and mute missing Black children. If you don’t want to protest, fine. Don’t disrespect those who are. It’s ALWAYS somebody who is benefiting from people who fought for them to be ignorant disrespecting those continuing the fight. This is the 1960’s all over again. I bet he’d blame peaceful protesters for getting hosed and attacked by dogs too.

  16. SMH….

    Jamari ..i read and watched the videos about 4 times to REALLY try and understand his comments and I have come to realize this is a young man who is totally ignorant to the plight of his people.


    I mean having a pretty face and a nice body must be hell to keep up. Remember not all of our people will be saved. Not all of our people understand the struggle. He said it himself…he’s COMPLIANT and because he’s complaint from his lens everybody who is not like him create their own problems with the Pigs.

    But if his ancestors were COMPLIANT, which I doubt he has NO CLUE who they were,
    His ass wouldn’t be here with the liberty of pumping iron, making thirst trap pictures and videos for LIKES. He has NO IDEA why he is able to be where he is today and why where he is cannot be a place of contentment.

    Sadly he is not alone. There are many more like him. Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil OBEDIENCE. Some of our people have obeyed the dictates of corrupt leaders.. In the face of poverty, hunger, starvation, stupidity, war and as in this case Police BRUTALITY, we have been OBEDIENT and what has it got us- death, thrown in prison or regulated to the bottom of the pile while the rabid, glutenous DOGS eat and gouge themselves!!


    A parasite only exist because of a complaint host !!

    I hope someone will turn on the light upstairs and take him out of the darkness that he has clearly found comfortable to dwell in.

    1. He’s too old to be this dumb. Maybe if he was a child, but he’s now a dangerous person. I’ve seen guys like him getting shotguns to shoot at protesters.

  17. He says “He’s Puerto Rican, not black” 🙄

    These Dominicans and Puerto Rican’s are mighty SILENT aside from handful.

    I don’t wanna hear the N-Word out of none of their mouths.

    1. ohhhhh he’s one of thoooose ricans, makes sense. And it’s always the ones who look like whole ass black men and women that dont claim their black roots. Same with some Dominicans.

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