trina thinks folks are animals escaped from the zoo for the riots

every time racial issues happen in america,
a ton of folks go ahead and cancel themselves.
i simply don’t get it.
why even say anything at all?
who i’m use to being pretty neutral,
decided she wanted to throw her self cancellation in the ring.
she had an interview on her show,
“trick ‘n’ trina in the morning”,
and allegedly said this about all the protests happening in miami…

“escaped from the zoo“?
don’t even get me started on the last excerpt.

Imagine a white person saying that on a radio show

if you don’t agree with all that is going on,
i don’t know why it’s so hard to say:

“I don’t have much to contribute towards everything that is happening,
but I hope it can all lead to a peace resolution.”

these folks putting their whole legd in their mouths.
i was feeling bad for trina since khia been dragging her but now…

excerpts taken: urban belle mag

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “trina thinks folks are animals escaped from the zoo for the riots”

  1. she’s 100% right
    anyone who is protesting/rioting is an idiot
    the media, the television, socia media, thiose “black” celebrities are their slave masters

    1. There is a difference between protesting and rioting. There are people that are truly there to protest, stop lumping them all in one category because you aren’t smart enough to know the difference.

  2. Why can’t people just sit down and be quiet smfh. She’s definitely receiving a canceled award after this. Also the fact that she brought up black on black crime speaks volumes about her IQ. Anyone who believes in that fictional construct is seriously stupid. Are the horrific Tate-LaBianca murders committed by the Charles Manson family considered “white on white crime”? Were any of the serial killer crimes (And there were A LOT) during the Ted Bundy and John Gacy era called “white on white crime”? Can the Columbine Shooting be considered a “white on white crime” event? It took place in the suburbs at a school mostly attended by white children and the majority of those killed during that tragic event were white caused by two white teenagers. Does that mean we shouldn’t care about the victims of those tragic times? It always amazes me that people can never answer those questions. Anyway these events are definitely showing people’s true colors and I’m loving every second of it.

    1. Ain’t that the truth, white on white crime is 5% less than AA crime and Latino on Latino crime is at the same amount as AA or even higher. Maybe those Dominicans that Trina has been falsely claiming for years could tell her that.

      But you’re right it shows her true colors and maybe that’s why her career never went as far as it could have. She probably would have been spreading the wrong message, having girls worship a dollar and materials possessions before they worship themselves. This past year has made me dislike her, for years she was above “LHH” just for her to sign up

  3. Many of the rights and things we’ve gained came from rioting protests and bloodshed unfortunately. If you think evil regimes from the past crumbled due to prayer and being a self hating pussy then you’re mistaken. If Harriet, Malcolm, Martin or Huey just sat around praying and calling others who took some course of action animals nothing would have changed. The real fucking animals are those who perpetuate racism and etc. Cant expect to learn anything from this self professed “baddest bitch”. Money changes people

  4. One thing I’ve noticed is these rappers aren’t about any of the shit they rap about. I mean my God, all the songs about “f*ck the police, fuck 12 and everything else” are essentially null and void. People are really out fighting against the system and the most we’ve gotten from these “entertainers” is being told to calm down. So many images are shattered.

    1. Excellent point. They are delusional and think money protects them from being Black. Every White person knows who Nicki Minaj is. If Trina got pulled over, she can’t even do a “Do you know who I am?” because they won’t.

      The crazy thing is she went off about racism recently in a store, but now doesn’t care. What a weirdo.

  5. No not the Diamond princess, this is how you disgrace the Black community, the Pork and Bean of Liberty City that been rooting hard for your ass. She better not come thur they will snatch and beat her up. To think some one who was raised in the same area where Arthur Mc Duffie was beat up by white police officers who were let go on a “not guilty”plea and your not about the black fight. She just lost her Miami fan base and Miami will disown her coon Hypocrite ass.

  6. I want to say this because I have been vocal about this period. Why are we so quick to cancel celebrities but we don’t cancel people we see on a daily basis posting on facebook and IG saying the same thing. I have literally watched my timeline on Facebook go from “they looting at Walmart”, “savages”, “y’all happy y’all niggas to’e up the block”, “I can’t stand black folks, I can’t wait to move cause of all this niggerish shit”… we don’t cancel them so why we gotta cancel Trina because she publicly said what everybody has been saying the whole time! I don’t agree how she worded it but she is not the first to say this. Why do we have to cancel people because they famous but we don’t cancel the ones in our face everyday or at least close to us. They get a pass because we know them and we know “they mad like everybody else”. Like I said I don’t agree with what she said but at the same time, she didn’t everybody was an animal. She said the ones doing the dumb shit that everybody online saying they don’t like, those are the animals. We been calling them niggers so what’s the difference? Celebrities have to get cancelled because they think we all should do things right. What I don’t agree with is how our people are quick to turn around right after we banded together to turn on each other. Its like I got yo back bro and then he turn around and stab you in the back. Why we throwing our people under the bus? We not slaves anymore, we don’t have to cancel certain people because we don’t agree with what they said. Trina said the same thing everybody else been saying.

    We gotta stop treating her like she ain’t been in the game for more than 10 years, way before Nicki and Cardi was ever thought about. She didn’t blame Nicki cause her album flooped, she blamed her team and she did that in front of everybody on National TV. That’s a boss ass bitch to own up to your own shit and let the world know, she didn’t drop the ball, my team did. She handled that like a boss.

  7. This is the same woman who is known for only wanting big penises. Why isn’t she married by now? Because she has no walls. She’s never been particularly talented or attractive. She could’ve made catchy music and kept it cute.

    And this is why she did a tribute to Nicki Minaj, when it should have been the other way around. When great female MCs are brought up, she will NEVER be part of the discussion.

  8. Man this one hurt, cause I am a Trina Stan but honestly I dont think of a Rhodes Scholar when her name is mentioned. I know she is street smart, but I guess that is as far as the smarts went because she was never able to turn her hood status into a household name. This interview let me know her worldview is very limited but she like many of our celebrities who came up hardcore in the streets have a different way of looking at things. It is almost laughable if she was in the streets like she say she was running with Dope Boys and being a Stripper she surely know about all the boosters in the hood and all the people who live in the hood who have had their lives wrecked by people stealing their shit for drugs, and all the death and destruction that happens everyday in the hood due to lack of opportunities, but she has no problem promoting this image in her music when she is benefiting from these same animals selling dope and killing their brothers. Now she wants to be mad that someone rob or looted a store when she probably use to buy stolen items all the time before she hit the big time. Oooh Trina just stop, I cant say you are necessarily canceled being that your career is on life support anyway. Sadly this has been the most press she has ever got in her career. When I saw her trending on Twitter my heart drop thinking something had happened to her, not knowing she shot her own self.

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