revenge of the out of touch and tone deaf nerd

there are many types of nerds in the world.

Comic book nerds
Anime nerds
Video game nerds
Educated nerds
“I’m a nerd because no one liked me” nerds

…but just because someone comes off like a “nerd”,
or can spew a ton of statistics and “facts”,
that doesn’t mean they’ll know what they’re talking about.
i get that from q aka suave q who comes off like a nerd based on his ig.
i’m sure many were confused because his bawdy looks like this:


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Hold on tight 😈 . . . #alphamen #handsomeboys #handsomeblackmen #explorepage #viral #trending #explorepage

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…but don’t get hypnotized by the tits and abs.
so i was sent the following of what he put on his ig stories:

well it caused a stir with his followers.
he was sent this comment from trayton aka @_aanti__

and this was q’s response:

why do some of these black males think they’re special snowflakes in society?
just because you hang tough with white folks,
or you fuck white vixens
doesn’t mean you get a pass.
his attitude of “it won’t happen to me” is quite alarming.

This shit can happen to anyone who is black,
male of female,
gay or straight

after all the backlash received,
he posted this:

let’s hope in his 12th time getting stopped,
he doesn’t have to retract his statements and delete his tweets.

low-key: i’m finding more and more self proclaimed nerds are lowkey fuckbois.
some of them don’t come off as kind people and are worst than the popular ones.
am i wrong for thinking this?

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “revenge of the out of touch and tone deaf nerd”

  1. He left out 1 more important self characteristic from the above list :

    ‘ I’M PRO DUMB FUCK!!!!!!!

  2. Y’all ready to stop giving stupid ppl platforms for basic attractiveness? I am.

    Never followed him, but I blocked all my mutuals that did. I unfollowed 250 people on social media yesterday. I make time. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  3. He sold out to the man…wait until he meet the wrong white cop and then he gonna cry wolf…fucking stupid idiot!

  4. NEXT CALLLLEEERRR. He feels privileged because he’s been pulled over and nothing has happened to him. So it’s not alarming to him that the eleven times he was pulled over in his life there were all by white cops? That in itself is telling. He should’ve went in detail as to why he was pulled over all those times. Just because something horrible hasn’t happened as of yet, doesn’t mean that it can’t in the future. He’s young and still has a lot of life to experience. Him along with any other black man could’ve been George.

    Some Coons, like this guy and that Clown Greg find it hard to sympathize with the George’s and ahmad’s, because they feel like they haven’t had a racist experience. And even when they do, they’re too oblivious to even believe it had anything to do with their race. This moment has not only highlighted the racism we’ve always seen. But also how negatively some of our own feel about the black community. But I’m glad everyone is getting exposed and canceled.

  5. Wait…I’m confused. He goes in on people who follow what the media portrays/shows…yet…yet…he follows statistics. Aren’t statistics proposed and controlled by the media as well? It’s collective estimated data and is usually mostly only accurate when it comes to math equations because at the end of the day statistics are just samples of things. Even if used for science it’s at best just a hypothesis. Statistics in reality are not considered factual evidence even if some people try to use them as such. So…yeah…he’s an idiot. Sad to see it. I love how he thinks because he’s had good days he’s immune to any negativity. That one bad day is still a probability. No matter how many times you’ve been stopped by the police and nothing has happened, that bad day is still a very high probable factor. ESPECIALLY if you go by statistics since that’s all he cares about. I honestly hope he never experiences it, but if he does I hope he doesn’t try to come running back to the nation. Nah bro stay over where you was. And yes Jamari. I agree with you heavily. Nerds are very much low key fuck bois. They can be rude af to the point of being just straight disrespectful and they have no qualms showing it either.

  6. This video clip (linked belew) told me EVERYTHING I needed to know about this man. He has the utter audacity to refer to THE Tommy Sotomayor as a “brilliant intellectual psychological mind”…the same Tommy Sotomayor that has made his living of spewing anti-black (woman) rhetoric and loves to talk about black folks lack of accountability but abandons his own son.


    Another black person who I will not be capping for if they unfortunately die from police brutality. I’ma keep quiet and let the white folks play “1001 ways that n-word deserved die.” It’s an extreme approach, but y’all gonna learn you can’t help these kinds of black folk. You just gotta let them go…

  7. Don’t trust anyone who is a self professed “alpha”

    He says look at the statistics it doesn’t happen often. Is he dumb? The statistics don’t match because the records are false. The police report claimed Floyd’s was resisting arrest, that was a lie. Remember we only know about many of these victims due to videos existing. He needs to wake up and realize that police are walking around with full immunity. They can literally kill and have it covered up by their own department.

    Ps. I took a statistics class and the professor said, “people don’t really understand statistics, but believe them to be true, so you use statistics to confirm most narratives you want.”

  8. Technically he’s right about the statistics. The numbers do show that lethal incidents are relatively infrequent – against total population – and declining. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be outraged about a single incident, but the numbers are improving (in part due to forced sunlight from social media, imo). See the stats below.

    Also, there’s an interesting article in the NYT, about the research of a black Harvard professor. His analysis indicates there isn’t police race bias with lethal force, but there is racial bias with non-lethal force, including when the the person is compliant

    1. The statistics are not accurate. The police reports are often written in favor of the police. Look at the statistics all you want, but understand they are not accurate.

      1. Out of curiosity, what evidence do you have to prove that? I would like to check up on it. Further, it’s not easy to not report a lethal shooting. The cause may be a lie, but the event itself… I’m hard pressed to believe that

  9. Technically he’s right about the statistics. The numbers show lethal incidents are relatively infrequent and declining. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be outraged about a single incident, but the numbers are improving (in part due to sunlight from social media, imo). See the stats below.

    Also, there’s an interesting article in the NYT, about the research of a black Harvard professor. His analysis indicates there isn’t police race bias with lethal force, but there is racial bias with non-lethal force, including when the the person is compliant

  10. Lol. He writes like a high school student trying sound smart in essay. Rambling arguments, no coherent outline, random SAT words used out of context, and anecdotal evidence to support his false claim. He added Psychology for a little razzle dazzle. The reality is, he claims to be “pro-empirical” evidence, but is very likely unable to interpret it. For someone who relies on this evidence, it’s strange how he hasn’t come across ANY scholarship that proves this happens more than, “every now and again.” I’m almost certain this guy gets all those so called facts and logic from YouTube University. He doesn’t write like someone who is educated and/or has studied. He makes no sense.

    This is what happens when we give people attention simply because they’re cute. They actually begin to believe what they have to say is important. Or even worse, they believe they’re intelligent. This guy pulled out his thesaurus to tell us he’s “pro-stoicism.” What does stoicism have to do with your argument? LMAO.

      1. Bozo got his Psychology degree last year and now he thinks he’s an intellectual. Be wary of people who go out of their way to go against the grain. People like him know nothing, but think playing devil’s advocate makes them appear smarter. When you dissect their arguments you quickly realize they aren’t saying anything at all. They’ll make controversial statements to get you riled up and emotional so they can then discredit you. Note, they aren’t discrediting you on the facts….

        That King Stennis boy (the paint and sip nigga), does the same shit. They do shit like this because to them it’s a personality trait. Most of them sit on YouTube all day and watch videos from niggas “educating” them from their mom’s basement.

        Lemme go cyber bully….

        1. A Psychology degree from where ICDC? People gonna learn that some degrees can’t be completed online

  11. 😂😂😂 This nigga referred to Tommy Sotomayor (for those that know THAT coon) as an intellectual, so he’s a clown by DEFAULT, He gives me nerdy nigga that grew up awkward, got no play, and didn’t fit in with “black folk” in general, now that he got a lil build on him & goes to a better barber, he wants to portray all the things he couldn’t be growing up, but STILL the lame nigga inside always fucks it up…. He’s TOO easy 😩

  12. Every now and then? Rare?

    Several people have been brutalized and murdered. He is beyond ignorant and clearly not educated. A simple look at crime stats would shut him up.

    The problem with stats is there are more White people than us, but they use percentages to make it look worse than it is.

    If you have 10 wolves and 2 sheep and one of the sheep kills an ant, that’s 50% of sheep. If 5 wolves kill sheep, that’s 50%. How are you comparing 2 sheep to 10 wolves? Don’t fall for this Black-on-Black crime myth from these idiots. It happens, but it’s not at the levels these racism defenders say.

    I’m hoping to get published in a journal and he strung a bunch of words together to sound smart. If he was pro research he’d know anybody can say whatever they want following “studies show”. This is why we need more Black people in academia. There is so much lied about and hidden from us but when you try to share people call you crazy before by design the truth is beyond imagining. I was told that the average person doesn’t care what you read about because they’re worried about paying their bills and it doesn’t affect them directly. Well maybe now things may slowly change.

    1. beCAUSE by design the truth is beyond imagining (People won’t believe the lengths certain groups have gone to to preserve the status quo)

  13. Being stopped 11 times is not normal…is it?
    This alone should be his wake up call.
    I realize dudes like him and his twin Greg ym believe this, because the majority of their friends are white.
    I understand everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but the reality is being black you walk around 24/7 with a target on your back.
    Everyday when you make it home safe is a blessing. 🙏

  14. I have never heard of this dude, but I canceled this dude name Osheathemodel who is also another one with a great body but nothing between his ears. He was on some Bullshit like this yesterday on IG about he was not for Black Lives Matter because his brother was killed by another Black person basically saying that Black on Black crime Bullshit, and he was like bragging about he didnt care that people unfollowed him because of his opinion, you got your wish Sir. Sadly we as gay men follow many of these dudes for the shallowest of reason and I am guilty but its moments like this in time that should make us wake up and realize when you know better you do better. Many of these Str8 Black dudes have bought into the fantasy that things are not so bad because they can screw white vixens now without as much heat today as in the past and their white friends think they are the Kool Black Guy but a few of these high profile police deaths have been dudes just like them. First of all his ass is lying about being stop 11 times and if he is telling the truth his ass done been profiled and dont even know it. And then this dumb ass pineapple say he is for martial law, I guess he thinks the Pro-Trump militia is going to treat him different than the radical Negroes out here protesting. Lawd Im smelling another white washed Coon with this one.

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