revenge of the out of touch and tone deaf nerd

there are many types of nerds in the world.

Comic book nerds
Anime nerds
Video game nerds
Educated nerds
“I’m a nerd because no one liked me” nerds

…but just because someone comes off like a “nerd”,
or can spew a ton of statistics and “facts”,
that doesn’t mean they’ll know what they’re talking about.
i get that from q aka suave q who comes off like a nerd based on his ig.
i’m sure many were confused because his bawdy looks like this:


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Hold on tight 😈 . . . #alphamen #handsomeboys #handsomeblackmen #explorepage #viral #trending #explorepage

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…but don’t get hypnotized by the tits and abs.
so i was sent the following of what he put on his ig stories:

well it caused a stir with his followers.
he was sent this comment from trayton aka @_aanti__

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