greg ym looks like one of us, but he isn’t really one of us

we had a huge misunderstanding about greg ym.
even tho he had that huge rant on ig in ( x that last entry ),
greg isn’t “one of us”.
this is an alleged conversation in dms where he explained his side

is that really his defense?
he would still be stereotyped for his skin color,
so what are we even fonting about?

even if he wants to claim rican…

It doesn’t look good he is giving his opinion on black issues.

from his rant,
he made it seem like black folks were being rowdy when it came to the police.
that’s the typical response from those of other minorities about us.
interestingly enough,
they always gloss over the heavy racism within their own communities tho.
as a dark skinned latino,
this is all very bizarre coming from greg tbh.
you already know all these folks are only “black” when it suits them anyway.

low-key: shame greg went so left.
he could have capitalized off being rome flynn’s buff doppleganger.

33 thoughts on “greg ym looks like one of us, but he isn’t really one of us

  1. oh I’m not black, I’m American. Get his goofy ASS out my face. MOST PR and DR are black do chose to deny the fact. being PR and DR is a nationality NOT an Ethnicity fool. Also look at the MF are are darker than I am with the side eye. Next time the cop harass and stop one of y’all just shrug and say white or white crime next. shdh

  2. Greg is a byproduct of colorism. There are a lot dark skin Latinos, like this clown, who swears they are not Black. Puerto Rican is an ethnicity not a race -he’s ill informed and devoid of history. Clown 🤡

  3. Honestly, I only found out about Dominicans and Puerto Ricans not thinking they are black about 10-12 years ago, I had no idea, I just assumed that they identified with their Black side automatically, I was way off base once it was brought to my attention. Colorism seems to be a burden all people of African descent share all over the world even in Africa were skin bleaching creams are big sellers. I saw on Twitter yesterday some Dominicans were chasing other Blacks out of a section called Dyckman in the NYC area, I had never heard of this so I am assuming it is heavily populated with Dominicans. Maybe Jamari can enlighten us about the area. I am at a lost for a population who obviously has African blood running through their veins thinking they are not Black or trying to deny their African Ancestry. As many other posters have stated, self hate is a real thing. I canceled an un-followed this dumbass and I see he even made Twitter with some more people calling him out.

  4. He is not African American, but he’s black.
    Black is a color of skin, African American has a cultural aspect.

  5. Like they say “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” smh.
    Chileeeee this big snow queen needs to pause on social media for awhile.
    What’s next out his mouth…I’m not a man just because I have a cock doesn’t make me a man.
    Yes, I know it sounds stupid like everything coming out his mouth.

  6. Puerto Ricans are Indigenous Caribbean, African and European Colonizer. (Two of those are Black) He’s proud of being the product or rape?? He’s an idiot. I am so glad all of these coons are showing their azzes. I’m hoping all these racist corporations and name brands go bankrupt.

    Black people decide what is cool and have trillions in buying power. It’s about time some new name brands were created from the ashes of revolution. Sick of people paying racists and coons and not demanding better representation and respect.

  7. That nigga is BLACK. The fact that his dumb ass don’t even know that Puerto Rican isn’t even race tells you he capping. He ain’t never once claim to be Puerto Rican now all of a sudden you not black?! And the fact that he and some of y’all don’t know that there are BLACK PUERTO RICANS is disturbing.

    1. Yes Lee there are Black Puerto Ricans, but really HIS only feature that has you wanting to pin him as black is his brown skin, But facially he looks Like a MIXED man, so let him be that (seeing as Hispanic is a mix) we as black people need to set OUR bar high, and stop letting any ole’ brown tinted person in! They don’t deserve the invite!

      1. He also has full lips like a black person and coarse afro hair… But I do agree that facially he has features similar to mixed people.

        1. 🛑 🛑🛑 That man looks BLACK! Skin, hair, features, and stature…I look more mixed than he does! Y’all need to stop with this mixed BS… Nearly all American Blacks are mixed wtf y’all talking about? He’s a self hating Black Puerto Rican and I feel bad for him.

          Mixed as if it’s a recipe..Chile pls

  8. I already knew he wasn’t black first time I saw him, I assumed he was mixed (which to me also Is NOT black) & I get ALOT of shit from fellow Black folk when I say that, but cases like THIS only unforced in my mind why it’s important to stop claiming EVERY person with some brown in they skin as BLACK!!! They are NOT

    1. I agree. I’m not one to force anyone to be black that doesn’t want to be.

      Just make sure your ass never utters the n-word and steal from our culture.

  9. I mentioned on the Dez Bryant post a disease called H.M.S. After these last few days nobody can’t tell that it isn’t real. How do you blame a person’s murder on that person. The fools need shut up and look pretty DO NOT talk about social issues. Just shut up.

    1. Another I noticed is that in his reply he made sure to tell you he isn’t black. Not once but twice. This is why I am so glad I don’t throat follow any of these people.

  10. OH ,,,,, Okay…. my bad…SO he is A FULL FLEDGE NON-BLACK RACIST ??????? .Right????

    If he was black he would have been a “COON”, Uncle TOM or House N-Word???

    .Thanks for clearing this up

  11. Maybe he can read a book on the heritage of the slave trade and Puerto Rico…maybe he can start here which can help his ignorance….

    Chinea, Jorge (1996). “Race, colonial exploitation and West Indian immigration in nineteenth-century Puerto Rico, 1800-1850,” Americas, Vol. 52, Num. 4: 1-10.

    Curet, Jose (1980). From Slave to ‘Liberto’: A Study on Slavery and its Abolition in Puerto Rico, 1840-1880, New York: Columbia University.

    Mintz, Sidney W. (1974). Caribbean Transformations, Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press.

    Nowara, Christopher (1999). Empire and Antislavery: Spain, Cuba, and Puerto Rico, 1833-1874, Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press.

    Scarano, Francisco A. (1984). Sugar and Slavery in Puerto Rico; The Plantation Economy of Ponce, 1800-1850, Madison: The University of Wisconsin Press.

    These nigga’s these days…I cannot.

  12. LMFAO. Nah he’s officially a clown 😂😂😂 The clown suit is on and and your performance is noted. Bruh…now you DEFINITELY need to keep that bear trap you call a mouth closed. If there is one thing that truly really grinds my gears it’s people who are not black weighing in their opinions or POV’s on BLACK issues. Especially issues as serious as the ones happening now. Do NOT tell me how to feel about what my race is going through. Like this nigga really keeps digging a hole for himself. Put the shovel down and stop digging honey, you’re already in the grave, just bury yourself quietly. Like what in the entire fuck? Am I questioning Puerto Ricans why they celebrate Cinco de Mayo? It’s a celebration day rooted from Mexico and last I checked (unless times have changed for the Spanish community) Puerto Ricans or Dominicans don’t even claim Mexicans as their own. In fact don’t Puerto Ricans and Dominicans dislike each other? (Again correct me if I’m wrong if times within the Hispanic community has changed). Both groups consider Mexicans to be the lowest of the low in the barrel even though all three ethnics are basically considered Spanish or Latino. They consider Mexicans to be beneath them and yet…when the day approaches they celebrate it. …A day that is specifically for Mexicans…created by Mexicans. But, do I say anything? Nope. Because it doesn’t concern me. So my nigga who gave you the right? Either help out during these situations or stfu. Period.

  13. Let’s just call it for what it is..self hate..He has bought into the belief that being Black is a deficit as opposite to a positive. People with his kind of thinking are pathetic. Stay far from them as they are a vacation to the soul n spirit.He will find out real soon how the world views him.

  14. Lmfaooooooo “I’m not black” Me and and a few other commenters called it. He’s “one of those” it’s clear as day he has African blood. For this reason alone he should NEVERRR have the privilege to be posted on here Jamari. EVER.

  15. Puerto Ricans like him will never claim to have African DNA, which is likely about 20% in him and still think he won’t be targeted. You’re ass is dark skin and the pigs will pull your ass over. You say you’ll comply but will get your ass beat by those racist fucks in the police force just cuz.

    1. He’s way more than 20% African, He’s about 65% African. The average white Puerto Rican (Michelle Rodriguez) has 17% African in them. He’s a black Puerto Rican like Zion Y Lennox, Don Omar, Theo Calderon, Ozuna and what’s funny is you won’t hear any of them deny their black ancestry.

      1. @ashton Thanks for catching this, I was thinking to myself 20% is a bit low, considering he looks like a whole black man.

  16. I’ve seen many Hispanics, dark as dirt, and they will swear up and down, they’re not Black. So this isn’t surprising. Until…..
    Anyway, let me know when he gets his “Negro Wake Up” Call; cause it will come!!!

  17. Puerto Rican isn’t a Race it’s a culture. Technically a white or Black person can be born and raised in Puerto Rico and claim to be Rican. Boy you Black I bet if they pull a genealogy report on his background Dominican and African blood runs through

    1. It’s the Americans ricans that are so dumb and don’t know their history or ancestry. I’ve met plenty of Ricans born over there that will admit the African ancestry in their blood. That’s what Morena means when they say Boriqua, Morena.

    2. Just like White people who stayed after apartheid in South Africa, claiming African. FOH!!!

      1. the merriam-webster is incorrect 🤦🏿‍♂️
        americans are the “black” carbonated copper tone melanted people that “christopher colombus” discovered when he landed here. the english language was created to decieve you, and it’s working

        but on the other hand, his denying his melanated lineage is a whole different story, but understand the meaning of what we call ourselves first

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