greg ym looks like one of us, but he isn’t really one of us

we had a huge misunderstanding about greg ym.
even tho he had that huge rant on ig in ( x that last entry ),
greg isn’t “one of us”.
this is an alleged conversation in dms where he explained his side

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Abuse Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

everyone is a villain no matter who tells the story.
i’m a villain who enjoys it once i’m casted as one.
it’s never because i was vindictive to someone else tho.
i’ll make it my mission to play it extremely well.
we all have played the villain once or twice in our lives.
tonya harding was a villain in the media,
but after watching the movie “i, tonya” played by margot robbie,
i’m beginning to think she is a victim

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Asking To Suck Your D*ck Is The New Thirsty

Online “searching” can be very interesting.

You can meet the weirdest birds at the click of a mouse.
We got people who are suddenly brolic behind a key board.
Insane people trying to blend in as regularĀ  individuals.
And for whatever reason, people who are obsessed with their favorite celebs to the point of CRAZY.
I often wonder what these people are like in their day to day.
For someone like me who is completely sane and normal, I am usually shocked at what I read.
Sometimes I think only the bottom of the barrel hang out online.
Those who are socially challenged and mildly retarded.
But for those who us who are regular Foxes, Wolves, and Hybrids…

Are we simply just wasting our time??

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