T.I. Sex Tape?

Ever wondered what a good fuck from T.I would be like?

look no further.

T.I. Sex Tape?

(You may blow up my emails and comments for this lol)

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “T.I. Sex Tape?”

  1. that aint even TIP…i know TIP like the back of my hand..it aint him. Do you know how much trouble you would get into if TIP found out about this! What are you plannin n acomplishing outta alla this? Ruin his career?? Well its ganna take more than a look-a-like (which mind you looks nutten like TIP) to do that. So why dont you grow up, leave TIP alone, and get a fuckng life!!

    1. Ashley. Shut the fuck up. Before you go in on me like a stupid bitch, go over to the website that was doing the whole “TI sextape” ploy and make an arguement with them. Then, while you are at it, go to the hundreds of other blogs that posted this same thing and go off on them. Got it? Thanks for reading and please come again!!

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