I Dont Give A F*ckity F*ck F*ckington Today (And You Shouldn’t As Well)

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 5.54.00 PMi needed to see this today.
how about you?…
i call those little signs of life,
“mental check points”.
especially when you feel drained or negative.
i’m working on mental state as of late.
i refuse to feel depressed anymore,
but LORD…
it gets tough.
sometimes i don’t know if i’ll get through,
or stop negative self talking to hell,
but i’m not going to give up.
i’m a fighter.
i forgot with all the recent.
i’m going to continue to body everything/everyone wrong.
this week has been blah and guess what?
i don’t give a fuck.
no solving or trying to change it.
it is what it is.
i’m grateful ive made it thus far.
that’s all i can do.
deal_with_it_fabulouslyx click here if you don’t give a fuck either

^i suggest you click that if you are at your computer.
kick ya feet up and enjoy.

it’ll be gone in a few hours.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “I Dont Give A F*ckity F*ck F*ckington Today (And You Shouldn’t As Well)”

  1. Sometime I get real negative too. Three words “chocolate chip cookies” my keys to happiness. Something about chocolate just makes me feel so happy and as crazy as it sound I think chocolate is what made me attracted Black men and Afro-Latinos more.

    1. ^i feel you on that chocolate.

      im watching what is in that link,
      eating chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream,
      and curled up on my couch.
      this shit has got me happy i didn’t pay for it.
      kinda snooze fest.

      why is songzbird playing another version of himself?

  2. Totally true. Be thankful that you are alive to see another day

    Movie was great. That Derek Luke, my goodness. He is too fine. I knew she was going to end up with him because she didn’t expect it.

  3. Were you every a fan of American Horror story? AHS: Coven premiered tonight WITH Angela Bassett!!!!!! She looks amazing point blank period.

    1. ^i never watched it,
      but angela is in that show now?
      it seems all the great black actresses are doing tv.
      halle is also going to be in a show too.

      also that movie was blah.
      glad i didn’t waste time and money.

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