Gotta Secret; Can You Keep It? (You Better Keep It)

pretty-little-liars-season-6-premiere“gotta secret.
can you keep it?
swear this one you’ll save…”
one of my home-vixens got me into “pretty little liars” something heavy.

am i the only one?
if so,
maybe i should have kept that secret to myself.
well you know i have no shame so fuck it!
either way,
those who are watching…
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He Has A Body That Needs To Be Fucked

What do these Wolves have in common?
Well, besides being FINE AS SHIT.

They all have a “Body That Need To Be Fucked”.
and as a Fox or Vixen, you can do it!

Check out how…

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December 24th


On the day before Christmas,
I finally up and see,
A bastard that was unworthy.

2 months of talking,
Eleven days of wondering,
Ten digits dialing,
Nine days of only texting,
Eight dates a ditching,
Seven “Wassup” saying,
Six wasting of my timing,
Five boring convos,
Four eye rollin’,
Three regrets saying,
Two my friend’s friend he dated AND….


Aight Foxes,
this is the fairy tale of a nigga named A.
You know A from blogs past (ones you should have read),
and what a boring ass nigga he was.

Here is how the SHIT went down….

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