Build -A- Daddy.

A friend of mine told me to create a picture gallery of what I wanted in my future “Daddy” or, the type of men I want to attract. Since I am a creative type of negro, I decided to do it on my blog. I thought long and hard and here it is what I came up with….

21 and up.

5’08 or taller.

Any complexion.

Any hairstyle.

Attractive face.

Nice skin.


100% TOP.


Good Hygiene.


Must have:

… with a PRETTY nice:

I always put a good boi p whippin’ on him, after he is:

He could also be:

Loves to:

Also IMPORTANT must have:

He must be open to:

(^—Means freaky)


He is NOT:


TOGETHER, we are:

Finally, he must have NO:


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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