The Outing Of A Black Male Celebrity.

Now this has been on my heart HEAVY.
I need to get this off my chest because I feel like I will explode if I don’t.

I cannot STAND when a fellow gay dude,
preferably a queen or a feminine dude,
OUTS another man who may not be out of the closet.

That shit pisses me OFF.
I do not care what the nigga did to you.
When you decided to mess with a dude who is discreet or down lo,
you should realize what comes with it.
That is why,
if you cannot handle the DL or even discreet,
STOP trying to be with them.
Feelings always end up being hurt if you cannot follow the rules.

a black male celebrity was OUTED by his boyfriend.
I will not say who (even though you will find out)
but I refuse to OUT him any further.
that bitch ass common NIGGA put all their personal pics they took on Twitter.
Really, my dude?
I was so disgusted,
I wanted to punch that nigga in his beak.
It really upset me as a discreet gay man.

This is a violation like when men lie about having the package
and still fucking negative men raw and, a dude stealing pictures
and pretending to be someone he isn’t and leading you down a dark tunnel of lies.

Not only does it give gay men a bad name
but it is not good money.
You put your trust in another “man
and you think they will keep your secrets like a diary.
This is a situation between YOU and HIM.
Some shit goes down and he telling the whole world.
Do niggas not KNOW they can killed for that shit?
I mean,
I would have had his ass beat DOWN personally for that shit.

I had queens try to out me before.
NOT even about some messing with them/leaving them shit.

They saw me and thought I was gay and decided to try to call me out… IN PUBLIC.
Thank God I have a poker face.
Inside though,
I was two seconds about to bust some ass.
I ain’t no thug in the slightest BUT I was about to throw some folks in headlocks.
(even though you shouldn’t be hitting girls. get it?)
I do not play when it comes to my privacy.
I mind my business and keep my eye on my own prize.
Gay men think because they are OUT,
you should be too.


Not everyone HAS to be walking around the fucking gay pride,
holding hands and singing “I’m Coming Out”.
Reality is,
there are alot of gay men who prefer a private life.
They like to hang out with straight people.
They haven’t come to terms with their sexuality and that is okay.
Not all of us are “ready”.
For that to be jeopardized is again: not right.

for all these bitch ass gay men
S T F U in the nicest way possible.
That is it.
Your teeth are a cage to hold your tongue in place.
True story:
YOUR own safety is at risk, outing someone.
You might think you are doing a great justice to the gay world
but you do not know who will SNAP and kill your ass.

Thanks for listening.

6 thoughts on “The Outing Of A Black Male Celebrity.


    If he is messing with gay dudes….you can expect this shit to happen. Gay people are drama. Nothing but it, and purely 100%. This is why I have 0 gay friends. None. Zero. Nada.

    (Except my bffs Zion and Della!!! LOVE YA GUYS!)

    1. I agree. As the story unfolds, there is ALOT of drama that is coming out (as with his sexuality)

  2. Powerful words man. I think I know the story in question you’re talking about, saw it on Twitter this morning…It probably won’t get much coverage today because of the memorial for Michael Jackson…

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