Where Foxes and Wolves Cum 2 Die

I remember when these two sites were poppin’ back in the day.
If you weren’t on there,
then you were a nobody.

the bubble has popped.


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Foxy Lifestyle: Affirm… Dammit.

What do you want?
I mean, really, what do you want?

I know what I want, but do you know what you want?

I dream of this….

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The Real Fox Hunt

I realized something.

Not only am I looking for a Wolf, I am also going to looking for some new Foxes to be friends with. I love my current Foxes I am cool with, but a ton of them live in other states. The ones I would actually go Wolf Huntin’ with or simple go to parties in the know. Like Star Fox and Fire Fox – two of my best friends who live far away from me.

I had to re-evaluate the circle around me and a lot of my old Foxes turned out to be masculine queens. All they wanted to do was gossip about me and be insecure in the process. I couldn’t handle it anymore so I had to give them the boot.

*kick to the curb*

You always need a good group of friends around you. Ones who will keep you sane, tell you where all the good spots are, and others who just simply like being around you.

I am pretty much open to any Fox that wants to run with me. I just request 2 things I am sure are not too much. 1st and foremost, he needs to not be MESSY. To be an exclusive Fox, you cannot be a hot box. People in the street cannot know your drama as you walk down the street. Birds of a feather flock together.

Second and lastly, I must be able to trust you. One thing I cannot STAND is a liar. If you can lie to me about trivial shit, when something big happens, you will cover your tracks with that too. I drop liars pretty much within the first sign of trouble.

A good life is filled with great friends. You want to share every moment with them building memories that could fill museums.

So, the hunt is on.


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Slow HOT American Summer

My summer is going along great.
I really should have no complaints.

I am working my Fox tail off and making that hard on money,
some of which supplies me in looking nice and being able to afford the luxuries I have been accoustomed too.

the lack of penis is annoying.
I havent been fucked since Michael Jackson was alive.
I havent been fucked good since Obama was sworn into the White House.

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Season Finale?

Is looking for men over rated?

I had to ask myself that question, watching yet another movie dealing with love. If I’m not seeing it, then I’m hearing it through my speakers. If that’s not it, then I’m hearing about it from friends and loved ones.

Men, men, men + love (or ones idea of bad love desicions) and wild sex mixed in.

It’s almost becoming sickening especially when you aren’t involved with anyone at the moment. Yup, Jamari is actually cruising on Drought Street. I have been on a couple dates this year and none of the potential “men” were worth a call back. It was like was dating bottom of the barrel and I am far from it. They, of course, loved me but alas – I was over it mid date.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I was a female. Had my share of men I was attracted too. They have it so easy and they should. Boy sees girl and tries to hit on girl. Boy sees me and can’t tell if I’m gay so he moves on. It seems the type of man that I am attracted too comes in a “straight” Godiva wrapper. It leaves for a lot of lonely nights and even longer days.

Searching for a Devin, Dez, Trey, or whoever makes me hard is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Let’s face it, I may never get my Devin Thomas. Or, I may get him and he be a limp dick slut bag with STDs hiding under the flap of his dick. I kinda grew into looking past femininity. Ones person’s fem maybe one man’s dream lover. Let’s face it: we are gay and even the most masculine man has a tinge of bitch in em. Ask a female!

But I am kinda over the chat sites, DL sign language, and all that bs that comes with this lifestyle.

I kind of want to concentrate on my journey to the top. I can damn near buy what I want (I’m no Steve Jobs but I do pretty well for myself)…… so money is not really an option. What I don’t have in men, I make up for in Ben Franklin. I am focused on school and my career. I have a nice place to live and I try to make sure my wardrobe is poppin’….

But I get lonely and I am starting to see so do a lot of gay men. Its either a lot of sex or a lot of loneliness. Even these negros who are in relationships are lonely. Its bullshit. Maybe if I was a wreckless whore, I would be happy… But I’m not. Thank GOD for parents who raised me right. Plus I know wreckless whores and their walls are damn near hanging down to their kneecaps (I kid, I kid). But guess what, whores of all shapes and forms get lonely too.

So is Jamari Fox over? HELL NO. I have just begun. I just think I need to focus on me and what is important (pretty much me) for right now.

So all in all, I want you to join me. I want us, you and me, to find what we are looking for and maybe find a potential man along the way. But if he doesn’t show face – we will still be okay.

Not jaded but optimistic. This is the first step in recovery.

Let’s get it.

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The Single Fox Whores

I went out with a friend of mine that I knew for years to an industry event the other day.

I wrote about him in blogs of past. We will call him Hubby In My Head. He is someone that I have crushed on since I first met him and now, almost four years later, we are still going strong as good friends. TOP, dark chocolate, and Spanish brotha and oh so DAMN sexy to me. He is definitely a nigga. Going out with him on a harmless get together felt so great. I sat so close to him as he did me. I slyly flirted with him and he coyly flirted with me. We wrote undercover texts to each other since we were with “The Straights”. He was scared to look in my eyes, but did anyway. I returned the favor with slight peeks. I wanted to touch him but due to the circumstances, I couldn’t. I did manage to squeeze his bicep in a low key fashion (I’m good trust). I made sure I sat next to him at all times. I poked him secretly on his butt cheek as we we walked up the stairs. He quickly put me in a playful headlock.  AAAAAAH. It felt so euphoric.

But there was a slight issue…..

Yup. He already has a husband – and I was Lady GaGa (in that gif).

Why does it seem
, more and more,
everyone is in a relationship… but YOU?

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