Slow HOT American Summer

My summer is going along great.
I really should have no complaints.

I am working my Fox tail off and making that hard on money,
some of which supplies me in looking nice and being able to afford the luxuries I have been accoustomed too.

the lack of penis is annoying.
I havent been fucked since Michael Jackson was alive.
I havent been fucked good since Obama was sworn into the White House.

Before you judge,
It is not that I havent been looking – I have.
I just havent been sexually attracted to the niggas that have hit me up.
Adam4Adam and BGC are bores and, imo, just about over.
But everywhere I turn,
I am face to face with nice pecs, nice abs, and nice dicks…. well, here is hoping.
All attached to Wolves, walking the streets or at events.
Straight, until proven gay as I like to say.

I do have some 2 new prospects as of the last two weeks.
They are definitely keeping me hoping a good dick down is around the corner.

Mister Jones

Someone from my past. We worked together a few years back and he was… straight. He had some broads fighting over him that lead to very unpleasant circumstances in the work place. I am sure it added a few inches to his dick. Anyway, he was just “the cute straight guy I would occasionally glance at but never thought anything of it”. Well, he found me recently, since we are mutual friends with someone we both use to work with (and who I think also gets down and has a thing for me secretly), and we started chatting on one of the popular social sites. Our convos have been dripping with hidden sexually laced undertones that I had to ask myself, “was this really happening?”

 I would go with the flow and bait to see where it was going. Giving a little and then pulling away if it got too obvious. He sent me a text (yeah, he asked for my number) and it was on from there. I wrote something sexual on this particular social site and he was the only dude in that message going back and forth with me. He sent me later with a poem and wrote a little mesage with the word “BOO” at the end of it. I quickly went with the flow of things to see how far this would go. The flirting got real heavy and is still going heavy, but no reveal. To be honest, I like it because it is keeping me interested and it is sort of sexy in a low key kind of way.

Ex Model

 We actually met on BGC last year!!! We were suppose to meet up and he pulled the Incredible Vanishing Negro Act that they like to pull.

Well, I randomly got a text yesterday from a foreign number…. AGAIN. I was like, someone is trying to set me up because this is getting crazy. So I acted like I knew the person and he asked me if I wanted to chill. As we spoke, he sent me a picture and boy oh boy was I happily surprised.  He is FINE. Lips like my Daddy in my head, Devin Thomas and almost the same complexion and look.

 If I cannot have the real thing,
I will definitely fuck the knock off until I DO.

I decided to do something new in regards to flirting with him. I decided to treat him like I didn’t give a shit. I gave him a little shit and made fun of him. I joked on how he was probably 3,000 pounds or he wore glitterly pants and fushia leggings.

 He loved it.

I wasn’t acting like some naive school boy or thristy ho bag. I just acted like a friend with a smart ass mouth. It made him intrigued, plus I was very upfront on him fucking my brains out, and we would go back and forth teasing each other about it.

Before I went to bed, he asked me to send him an asshole picture. I could have been a predictable Fox and bend over BUT…. I googled asshole and found a picture of a donkey in a well. I sent it to him and said “Sent. Nite” and turned my phone off. I awoke to crazy messages, including “You better hit me up later…”

… and I wont. We established this would be a friend with benefits thing so i’ll hit him up on MY TIME. Pimps up; hoes down. I stop giving my all to these niggas and getting disappointed when they do not come through or are not what they said they were. These days, I have a new attitude and I just do not care as much.

 I am definitely on some new shit as of late.
I am still the old Fox in new fur and it feels GREAT.

I hope my Foxes are having a great summer so far.
Things are definitely starting to look up as the hot days go on… and hopefully, I can get a little wet by the time it is over.

Later Foxes.

3 thoughts on “Slow HOT American Summer

  1. Its weird how in order to get a man’s attention, you have to pretend to not be into him. You have to keep him at arms length in order to keep him interested. Don’t respond to all his text messages. Don’t answer every time he calls. Things we would typically deem as inconsiderate drive them crazy. But it works. Its why straight men love women who are mean and don’t stick around with the “nice” girls. The moment they feel they have a 100% hold on you, they completely lose interest. I still think this whole line of thinking is backwards. But its why the men we like the LEAST are the ones who get at us the hardest. So we have to learn to treat the ones we do like in the same manner.

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