Why These TOPS Need To Be Burned At The Stake

I always attract men in relationships.
I have fun teasing them
and then have hell de-ttracting them….

I set myself all the way up huh?
But let me tell you about this asshole….

Well, he isn’t an asshole.
I will say that secretly: I am in love with him.
Yes, I uttered the faithful “LOVE” word when it came to a taken Wolf.

I met this Wolf a few years ago on a gay site that was poppin, called “Above The Life”.
I thought he was the sexiest thing and he was so rough, DL, and oh so masculine.
Fast forward,
I have know him for a number of years and we remained friends.

(I wrote about him in blog’s past so no need to go into a heavy intro session.)

we haven’t been speaking as much.
He has a man so why even talk to me and put me through the ringer?
I put my heart on my sleeve couple months ago and confessed
I had a major crush on him.
He CLAIMS that he didn’t know…. I claim he is a liar and needs to be shot on sight.

it was his birthday recently and I refused to say Happy Birthday to him.
I didn’t see him sending me a birthday text when my birthday came around,
so why  should I break my thumbs to send him one?

Two wrongs do not make a right but I don’t give a shit.

I got a text on his birthday saying, “I am tite with you”.
Fo’ why come?

You have a man, so why be tite with me when he gets to suck your dick at night,
during your respectable DL romps?
Why be tite with me when you are suppose to be happy and I am respecting your relationship, even though he knows about me?

He was quite mad when I called him “baby”… or “boo”… or whatever pet name I called him that night on YIM and dude went bat shit. I didn’t even know dude was there READING my messages to him.

Thank God something told me to keep the freak-a-leak convo to a minimum… that night.


But I blame my dumb ass for even falling into that trap.
He hit me on some “You don’t even read my status and comment anymore” shit.
I felt bad because I didn’t see his status messages but,
when I went to his site,
I was surprised to see a ton of them that I obviously missed.
For a week or so,
I was a faithful Fox commenting and liking… until I slapped upside my own head and stopped.
He never responded and now…. he is tite with me?

It confuses me Foxes.

Why are these taken TOPS so fuckin’ inconsiderate?

“If you want your cake and you want to eat it too, YOU BETTER go to a bakery because I don’t bake.” – Star Fox

Star Fox, a very close friend of mine, is also dealing with the same issue.

His ex boyfriend TOP decided to go BOTTOM or VERS (we are still trying to f igure this murder mystery out. The murdering of Star Fox’s soul.) for his new role  as “WHUPPED“…. but is still showing interest.


It is all so confusing and not really fair to us who have a little (or alot) of attraction still.

Not to mention my situation’s boyfriend is actually cute….
Star Fox’s situation’s boyfriend is actually not.

Later Foxes

5 thoughts on “Why These TOPS Need To Be Burned At The Stake

  1. This is my 1st time at this site and I am already entertained. I FREAKING LOVE IT!!! But Listen, clearly this dude is feeling you heavy. He likes the attention you give him. Not only does he like it… HE NEEDS that shit!!! it brightens up his day. So tease his ass a little… Hit him up here and there… subliminal messages shit like that.

  2. Yo F#ck a Wolf or Fox if they not acting right – seriously dudes play games worse than chicks sometimes and pretty much do things out of the need for attention or control. While emotions (feelings) can be complex between people and situations every now and them situations just need to be made Black and White – to much Grey = to much Drama!

    So if dude not treating you right young son tell that dude to “Kick Rocks”

    Remember the rules

    Rules to the Game:

    1. Determine what position you are going to play and play it ( creep partner, boo, Friend with Benefits, nigga on the side) once u make that choice stick with and accept that you made that choice.

    2. No matter what remember rule 1 don’t let anyone change your position for you – you decide.

    3. If u think you want an up grade or down grade put that shit on the table and say so. Most men can rock with it. When u play games with females they handle emotional shit better. Dudes are still dudes so the seek, conquer and destroy is always there and u fuck over a dude and generally that’s what’s going on especially them sensitive niggas.

    4. Don’t present shit just for booty or dick. Be a man- be straight up. Most niggas wanna fuck, even an ol sensitive type will be okay with fucking if u are truly his type if not..move on Dick and Booty is like Pussy and Tits you will walk by a lot of them during the day.

    5. Be respectful – respect a person enough to say you are not interested. People can respect you for saying hey I want to just have sex, or I am looking for a Boy with Benefits.

    6. If the shit don’t work reference rule 4 section “B” go get a replacement muthafucka cause the enrgy you put into being malicious and vendictive could be used to get your shit together and find someone who is willing to play their position.

    7. Don’t draft any muthufucka in the first round…shit will get you everytime….hell Red Shirt a nigga…put his ass on the practice team…but don’t just be giving niggas NBA and NFL playing time cause they look good…

    1. You know I heart you Kdan.

      Well funny enough, ever since I gave him the “no go on the birthday” – he hasn’t been MIA. The first time he has not been signed into YIM for a week and a half. I feel like he put on that invisibility cape and bounced. He’ll be back tho.

      I miss his convo but I am not going to give my all to a nigga I cannot have… Or tried to get.

  3. Poor Star Fox. I think id die a little inside if that ever happened to me. But men love attention. Even when they’re in a relationship.

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