andrew tate thinks the straights should choose “megan fox with a penis”

i feel like ^this one here,
who is known as andrew tate,
usually talks about himself in his speeches.

them drawz look quite spacious so this must be about him:

i find that interesting because he gives small dick energy pretty heavy.
he is the type that adds inches every time he buys something.
i found the following interesting as well.
his reasoning to fuck a “megan fox with a dick“…

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machine gun kelly shows us what megan fox is so in lust with

i like megan fox and all…

But Lord knows I’d love her to STFU about her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly

this came out recently:

( x the entire story )
what she fails to realize is when angelina jolie was doing it,
she let the audience speak for her when she was with billy bob thorton.
i guess this was controversial back in the day:

whenever people try to be like someone else they are compared to,
they are always the attentionisto version of that person.
they are like a devolved pokemon.
this is what machine gun kelly uploaded today for some shoot…

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People Don’t Like The Agenda Megan Fox Is Pushing

tumblr_mwldpbr4fw1se3elzo1_500megan fox has left the building.
i mean,
she still makes movies,
but i think she found her happiness outside it all.
well she has “that hyena she deals with” and her two cubs.
everyone was up in arms about her recent family day at the pumpkin patch…
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Sincerely Signed, My Fantasies Coming True Soon

I am actually pissed today. 

So fuckin mad that I could break something.
Well, break a couple things.

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Attack of the Pussy Monsters

Oops…I did it again. 

I didn’t mean for it to happen…
but it just did.

I awakened another Pussy Monster.

Oh boy.

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Let’s Stay In Bed All Day

This is the type of day where I wish I stayed in bed.
Am I the only one, Foxes?
I did NOT feel like coming into work today.

This Tuesday is definitely HOOKY day….

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