People Don’t Like The Agenda Megan Fox Is Pushing

tumblr_mwldpbr4fw1se3elzo1_500megan fox has left the building.
i mean,
she still makes movies,
but i think she found her happiness outside it all.
well she has “that hyena she deals with” and her two cubs.
everyone was up in arms about her recent family day at the pumpkin patch…

…aren’t her two sons cute?
those are two male cubs.
well everyone is accusing megan for pushing an “agenda”.
the recent hollywood agenda to turn everyone gay and pushing pre-homosexuality with cubs.
angelina jolie has her female cubs dressing like males.
i can kinda see the faux outrage in it all.

i grew up having strong attractions to males so i believe you’re born gay.
i know others don’t,
but it may have just been my experience.
as a male cub,
i was curious when it came to dolls.
i said it.
i loved my action figure collection,
which included “batman” and “teenage mutant ninja turtles”,
but i also wanted dolls as well.
i didn’t want to collect barbies,
but i did want to play with them with my other toys.
i remember i got a toy,
that happened to be female,
and it had long hair.
i use to play with that thing heavy.
it vanished.
i turned the crib over looking for it.
when my mother was dying,
she admitted she took it when i went to school and threw it away.
1671s1dwhen my parent’s weren’t looking one time,
i would sneak and play with vixen’s dolls.
one time my parents caught me and whooped my tail.
i had to be about 9 or so.
i was called every “gay” in the book.
i learned just how exploring that avenue was bad because of that.
well sucks to be them because once they passed,
i bought a sailor venus doll.
i don’t even know where that went.
these are the same jokers that thought i was crazy role playing with my toys.

“why are you talking as you play?
kids don’t do that!”

l2ywa6ddmkcjplqweneedless to say,
they did a lot of things that effected me.

obviously we aren’t here to raise megan’s cubs so she may know best.
i had to ask the foxhole…

Do you have an issue with how Megan’s cubs are dressed?

lowkey: it felt refreshing admitting that “out-font”.
i’m glad i could do it on something among family.

photos credited: akm-gsi

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

31 thoughts on “People Don’t Like The Agenda Megan Fox Is Pushing”

  1. No problem here. Let kids be kids …These gender roles that we force onto children from such a young age can be so damaging. (Sidenote I had dolls as well when I was a kid. My mom was ok with it at first but with my family’s reaction she tried to stop me from playing with them..I remember stealing money drom my stepfather to buy dolls from my neighbour and getting my older stepbrother to hide them in his room. My mom actually bought me My Little ponies too but she would cut the mane so I wouldn’t have anything to comb lol .

  2. Personally, I don’t think they’re going about this the right way. There’s nothing wrong with teaching your kids about challenging social norms, but this is a bit extreme. It also seems very forced. From head to toe they’re dressed up as the opposite sex. Why is that necessary? For me, it’s not a question about it affecting their sexuality, it’s just…strange. Ah well, they’ll be alright regardless.

    1. ^i will admit that it caught me off guard.
      i thought it was two females.
      when i saw males,
      i was like “whoa…!”.
      angelina jolie legit got her daughter looking like a male.

      1. You know, when it comes to these celebs, I won’t make a big issue on it. I usually don’t say this type of thing, but honestly, that’s something that we’re more likely to see with snow celebs, and because of that alone, I’m not particularly concerned lol. A lot of them live in their own world, and play by their own rules. Their kids are going to grow up wacky anyway, no need to spend time worrying about them, they’ll be fine. They don’t deal with real problems #keepinitreal

      1. ^they could say what if the cubs chose guns and knives to play with.
        should she say no?

        im playing devil’s advocate because both of these cubs are clearly dressed in feminine attire.
        it’s not just one.

      2. The sad thing is they can really say that loool. But gun and knife can harm and kill so it’s dangerous, to my knowledge a tutu never kill somebody.

      3. I honestly don’t care what they “should” say. They “shouldn’t” say anything other than what they believe is the right decision for their kids. I’m sorry, I’m not passionate about these people to really entertain an argument about it. Idc wtf they do lol, I’m just not buying what they’re selling is all. *shrugs* Moving on.

  3. I don’t see why it’s wrong as long as it’s the children who chose those outfit. If Megan forced that on them it’s not better than parent who don’t let boy play with dolls or girl play sport. You born gay our str8, just because you dress a certain way doesn’t determine your sexuality. When a was little i loved “girl” clothes, i always wanted to were my sisters dresses my mom shoes. Lord they whoop my ass so many times but i didn’t care, as soons as i had a chance i put on a dress. lmao. now i don’t, not because i’m scared i juts like “male” clothes better. I’m a very effeminate gay men boy i dress really “masculine”. So no matter what parents do, children gonna be what they gonna be, you have str8 men dressed like girl like Prince, you have gay men very masculine like NPH. That shit is way too complexe for people to be scared about hos 3 or 5yo children are dressed.

  4. What i’ve noticed and that kinda bother me is that in those case, it’s always the mother who takes the blame. People blamed angelina for her girl, people are blaming megan for this. But why nobody blamed the fathers? I mean i don’t see anything wrong with those chrildren but why nobody blamed Brad? Why even when brian austin green is in those pics with his BOYS (people can say Shiloh is a girl so it’s angelina resposability) dress like litlle girls, people only blame megan?

      1. I guess if you’re not a straight white cis-male is this world you’re kinda screwed, you need to ask God a refund.

    1. Because no self respecting straight male would advocate for his children dressing as the opposite sex, its usually the mother that has the laissez-faire attitude about it.

      I wanted to wear winter clothes in the summer and my mom said no and that was the end of it. I didn’t die and she didn’t scar me for life.

      1. Last time check brad pitt is a self respecting straight male and he never said he wasn’t ok with how shiloh was dressed in fact he did say he was ok with it. i see brain austin green here and he doesn’t look bothered by how his boys are dressed. So how do you know it’s the mother who advocate for it? that’s cliché and sexist to always blame to woman. If those men weren’t ok with it they would have done something.

        I feel you, my mom said no to my choices too and i’m not traumatized lmao. But that’s doesn’t mean it has to be applied to everybody. Why megan should say no? To please society? I don’t think they would be scar for life either just because they wore tutu and ugg. I don’t think they will be confused about their sexuality or their gender. You feel like you feel no matter what clothes they put on you.

        Jaden smith was dressed like a boy when he was young he still ended up wearing dresses and skirts, he even did LV women campain. But that boy it’s still a well educated straight male and have no mental trouble or something.

  5. Honestly I don’t see the big deal is, like comments above say if it’s the kids that chose the outfits ( which I’m pretty sure it was) let kids be kids. these types of things don’t determine if a child is going to grow up and be gay .

    P.S. Sailor Venus is my favorite sailor scout. Lol 😆 I used to play with girl toys when I was younger too and would have to sneak it . Hell when I was younger and play fighting games I was always the girl character and whopping butt all the same.

  6. I don’t have a problem with this just like I don’t have a problem with Charlize Theron allowing her Jackson to wear tutus and ballerina slippers.Of course some people are saying that white people shouldn’t be allowed to adopt black kids because Charlize allows her son to play with dolls and wear girls clothes.My response is ,”How many black kids have you adopted?”.
    Anyone who has been around toddlers know it’s very difficult to get them to wear clothes they don’t want to wear.Their favorite word is no,so IMO the kids want to wear these clothes.When they were babies ,all these boys were dressed in boys clothes.When kids get about 2 or 3 years old ,they start having an opinion on what they want to wear.
    Much ado about nothing,IMO.

  7. Honestly I think people are making too big a deal out of this, kids are kids I used to love playing w/ dolls and dressing up neither of those things made me want to be gay. I feel we put too much emphasis on what is masculine that we miss the picture and pigeon hole the entire situation.

  8. Sorry, don’t agree with it.

    No, I don’t agree with rigid gender norms, but boys should be taught what’s special about being boys as girls should be taught what’s special about being girls.

    My parents and extended family imposed very strict gender norms on the children in my family growing up and I now understand why.

    Its not like these kids go to the store and buy girl’s clothing and costumes for girls. Parents buy them.

  9. I find it funny that the boy’s father,the actor Brian Austin Green, is with them in the White t-shirt.He is a stay at home dad yet she is being blamed for their wardrobe.Brian is a control freak ,who is rumored to be abusive.He started dating Megan when she was a teen and he was 30.He is 43 year old father of four boys ,yet it’s her “fault” her boys are wearing girls clothes but he is their primary caretaker.SMH

  10. I don’t care. They are their children. They can raise them as they desire. As long as they are not abusing them then I do not give a fuck. People care too much about what other people do and how other people live their lives. Stop caring about shit that doesn’t concern you. Be the best you that you can be. Spend that time and energy used concerning yourself on others to invest in yourself and better yourself instead. Let yourself be great.

  11. Yeah, I don’t believe in men made to be a specific way and women made to be another way. When you reach a certain age, it’s different for everyone, you’re going to act how you naturally are. Conditioning or no conditioning. I remember years back a fox holer commented how this dude was completely masculine but as years went on he became more feminine. Sometimes people get tired of doing to same act but thats neither here nor there. Parents that are surprised that their children grow up to be different from the gender norms they try to force on their kids haven’t gotten the memo. Shit like that promotes self hate and DL men who live double lives for years because they were raised to think certain behaviors are a choice and when that turns out to be false we get DL men or men who don’t know how to handle emotion the correct way and emotionally withdrawn or end up lashing out and fucking someone up over small issues. And then parents wonder where they went wrong. Fuck outta here with your gender norms and the horse you rode in with them on.

  12. Kids decide at a young age which parent they identify with. There is a difference between identifying and lacking a male figure to imitate. When they do identify, no amounts of whoopings or lectures will ever change it, it’ll just teach them to hide it.

    No parent is to blame for this. Unless they’re being coached on how to be feminine and given only girl outfits.

  13. when it comes to famous people, I just look at and keep it pushing.
    I’m more worry about keeping trump out of the white house, than what some famous person child wearing.
    those who find it wrong got too much time on their hands to worry about this B.S

    1. You are right.Last night I had a nightmare Trump won the election.I’m so anxious about this election now that they are virtually tied in the polls.

      1. all I’m asking my friends is do your part and go vote.

        I will be up there first thing in the morning.

  14. Who knows? Maybe the kids chose it or liked it? If they’re happy then it’s nobody elses business tbh. And Jamari I liked barbie dolls too. But my parents let me play with them when I was really young (maybe 2-5 years old) because they didn’t believe that little kids could be gay. So I think they didn’t think twice about it. But I agree with you. I’ve always found males attractive as far as I could remember and I’ve always had that feminine side that creeps out sometimes when I’m alone so I believe that many are born gay.

    However, I have come across guys who’ve claimed to be attracted to females ONLY when they were younger and once they started going into their formative years, they developed an attraction to men and it became stronger than their attraction to women.

    I’ve always found that interesting because I’ve never met a gay guy who was on the other end of the stick. Grew up to only find guys attractive to then start being more attracted to women rather than men. I mean, I started having a SLIGHT attraction to women when I was 14 but it was only women of a certain archetype but I don’t have crushes/feelings or desire sex from a woman so I don’t really count that. Everybody is different and that needs to be embraced rather than shamed. We are all humans after all.

  15. I’m always taken back by how the gay community (a group that has been oppressed for years and still is in many countries) don’t have each others backs when it comes to stuff like this lol. Like did yall forget nobody likes us either and says what we do is wrong and unnatural? We do what they do to us to each other. Their kids. They should be allowed to experiment. That’s what they do. Megan is a great mother for being so open and letting them play and experiment with their image. I highly doubt she would force her two little boys to wear girl clothes. I bet one wanted to dress like that and then the other decided he did too.

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