Black Lives Matter Ain’t Got SHIT To Do With Moi!

tumblr_nk6l0ouubs1r70t44o1_500is lil wayne still a “thing”?
he hasn’t released a good album since “the carter 3”.
we have a whole slew of rapper wolves who have taken his crown.
ya know,
i’m always amazed with ignorance.
it comes in many forms,
but this night line interview with lil wayne was 110% pure ignorance.
this is what he said when asked about “black lives matter” via baller alert

al-woo_85b796e8c96e73cdd2976b61f3f7f493i hope this isn’t how he argues getting off cash money with birdman.
i see why he will continue to have his tail owned.
his explanation for the ignorance was even worse via tmz:

Lil Wayne’s blaming his anti-black lives matter rant on Nightline’s questions about his daughter — and he’s apologizing for the remarks.

Wayne tells TMZ … “When the reporter began asking me questions about my daughter being labeled a bitch and a hoe, I got agitated. From there, there was no thought put into her questions and my responses.”

Wayne told us, “Apologies to anyone who was offended.” 

instead of answering like a mature adult,
he makes himself look like an asshole…
on purpose?

eddie_murphy_um_yeahmakes sense.
he also tweeted this:


well then i guess i’m fuckin’ stupid.

ya gotta question the vixens who are hooked on him.
the ones who say “he is such a great wolf” and “he is brilliant”.
i see a common hood wolf with no kind of culture.
i guess it’s a situation of water meeting it’s own level.

video credited: night line | baller alert

article credit: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter Ain’t Got SHIT To Do With Moi!”

  1. I’m confused cause last week he was talking all this “black lives matter” and then he was saying that police brutality doesn’t actually affect him nor does racism happen and then….I’m tired of this flip flopping.

    I’m not surprised his fans will defend him they was okay with him saying he wouldn’t fuck any dark skinned chicks basically because “he’s the greatest rapper to ever happen in our lifetime.”

  2. I just can’t even with this black abomination…like Cousin Sylvia said on the Karen Hunter show today after Karen suggested we all stage an intervention for his monkey ass, Sylvia quickly shot back naw unh uh, he needs to be excommunicated and I wholeheartedly agree!

    1. …they also discussed how he and some of his other Darwin Award winning contemporaries life Rick Ross, Richard Homie Quan, August Alsina, C Breezy, etc all havin these seizures, even granted Weezer has some legit seizure disorder. ..perhaps it’s time to stop leaning and stand str8 mofos!

  3. His ex wife Toya explained on the breakfast club that Wayne stays in a bubble and doesn’t really know what’s going on. She said He’s pretty clueless when it comes to present day issues. Personally I just think he sounded stupid and needs to go back into his “bubble”

  4. It was very confusing I remember him recently stating that he doesn’t believe racism exist anymore and it’s something that doesn’t affect him because he has so many different kinds of races at his shows. He came off as a rich nigga who doesn’t have to deal with that kind of thing but then turns around and does a song on soloange album talking about this very same issue. 🙄

  5. He is a true ignorant individual, who needs to go get himself some help. Not only is he a funny looking creature, he is a true dummy.

  6. This is what black folks get for making the least educated and most ignorant of us rich and successful.

    If it wasn’t for rapping he’d be in the traps of New Orleans somewhere or DEAD.

    Him, Floyd, and all these dumb athletes can go leap off a cliff.

    1. YES! Why are people like him held on a pedestal? I don’t see what good he’s brought to the table or his ilk.
      The only thing he’s contributed is the reinforcement of stereotypes and prejudices towards black people that are (in part) why there is so much tension towards black people from non-blacks.

      How’s he going to promote gang culture, violence, greed, misogyny AND colourism in his lyrics , and then proceed to say: “I’m not affected by racism, oppression etc.” when he’s a “RICH” PERSON. He doesn’t have to associate with many of the problems that many of his fans face simply because he’s rich, and instead of understanding them and spearheading some sort of national understanding, he spits in their face. So far removed. Sad thing is, these fans are too disillusioned to even see the truth even when it is spit into their faces.

      This is why I don’t look up to celebs. Many of them have their head too stuck in an ass made of money to understand reality.

  7. Im not going to waste my time on this baby Gremlin because he looks like he is one sip away on lean to check out of here and we wont have to be bothered. Life is so unfair, we lost Whitney, Michael, and Prince but still have this eyesore. If we could trade him to get all of them back, I am for it. His ass looks like a bowel movement after Thanksgiving dinner. I thought he was a little smarter than this, I guess I was wrong, but the sad thing is so many of our people and not just celebs are just as clueless. Jesus Wept………

  8. Well it seems as though it a bad interview. It would not surprise me if he did not know about “BLM”. He seems like he is another world. Oh well I could careless and am as far from offended as the moon is from earth. Carry on.

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