They Killed Him and Mourned His Death on Facebook After (Baller Wolf)

knicks3n-1-webremember this story i posted about slain baller wolf,
michael wright?
( x get a refresher )
well an f-bi updated me on the outcome a year later.
they found out who killed michael.
you will just never believe the jackal involved


A former Knicks draft pick found dead last year in his Lexus SUV in Brooklyn was drugged and murdered by his roommate and an accomplice, New Jersey prosecutors said Wednesday.

Michael Wright, 35, a University of Arizona basketball star, was found dead from a head wound, sprawled out in the back of his SUV on E. 16th St. in Midwood Nov. 10, his body covered in black garbage bags.

His longtime roommate in Closter, N.J., Mark A. Holdbrooks, 59, and and accomplice, David (King Victor) Victor, 35, were arrested and charged with his murder, Bergen County Acting Prosecutor Gurbir S. Grewal announced Wednesday.

Holdbrooks reported Wright missing on Nov. 8, 2015 saying he had neither seen nor heard from him for three days.

Detectives determined that Holdbrooks and Victor drugged and killed him in the home, Grewal said. Victor then drove his body to Brooklyn and abandoned the SUV.

New Jersey and NYPD detectives arrested both men Tuesday. A Bergen County judge set their bail at $3 million each, and they’re awaiting extradition from New York.

…oh that’s not all.
the f-bi also showed me all the things he posted after murdering michael on fb:


i am so bothered by that.
you gotta be a soulless jackal to even do that?
i’m sure he did it to not “look guilty”,
but how the fuck did he sleep at night?
how did they even find out it was him who did it?
i really want to know what the motive is.
i also want to know…

Was he even gay?

…or was that the “motive” to throw everyone off?
watch your backs and fronts foxhole.
you never know who is trying to ends you.
it’s the ones closest to you that will pull the trigger.

lowkey: “all you do will come to the light eventually”.
how fitting.

article taken: new york daily news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “They Killed Him and Mourned His Death on Facebook After (Baller Wolf)”

  1. Reminds me of a Lifetime movie, based off of real events, where the girl’s “best friend” and a group of girls led her into the woods and killed her. She was lying to the mother feeding her false information to steer suspicion away from her, and the fucked up part was that the mom took her into her home and treated her like a daughter.
    Turns out the girl was jealous of her friend and family life and wanted to “replace” her friend. People are fucked up.

    It just goes to show you that the ones closest to you can be the ones to REALLY fuck you over and turn on you. I’ve experienced betrayal by someone that was like family. It wasn’t anything like murder though. My “best friend” slept with my ex-girlfriend, denied it for the longest, and when confronted with proof looked me dead in my eyes and said yeah I did it, so what. At that moment, he no longer existed to me.

    Other people see these traits, but we don’t, or choose to ignore them until it’s too late. My dad used to tell me all the time, that dude isn’t your friend, and I would always say to him, but you don’t even know him. Are we blinded by them, or caught up in them so much that we can’t see what others are saying?

  2. SMH. People are really cold. I tell people all the time, you never know what someone can be capable of. However, the pretend mourning was actually an attempt of a cover up. People do that all the time.

  3. Lil Kim said it best.

    “They say it’s the closest ones to ya, that sneak up behind you and stick the knife right through ya. That’s why I keep my friends to a minimum, Check for the ones with the venom on they tongue.”

    Lil Kim – Heavenly Father

  4. So sad…I remembered his murder cause a guy I used to mess with told me about it and Michael Wright was the ex of his friend…Yeah he was gay

  5. This reminds me of my new obsession; the TV Show Power. As I stated in a previous post, I have been watching it catching up on all the episodes and even though it is a TV show, I look at all the grimy things including murder that people on this show do and wonder how they sleep with themselves at night and play like they are normal. Now on to this real life situation, this is beyond sick and twisted. I am sure he was the main one at this dude funeral hooping and hollering and telling the family how sorry he was. I wonder if he was a beneficiary on one of his policies. It is scary to think that it is so many people like this in the world today. I guess there will only be a few of us who will have a conscious when it is all said and done. I hope justice is served ICE COLD in this situation and Michael’s family can get closure and find comfort.

  6. I was so disturbed reading this….it’s so frightening that people can not only do this to people but to act like your in mourning is so scary to me.

  7. Smdh…naw, I think the deceased might’ve been on the low, and his “roommate” was more than jus that, I mean posing with an older dude and his daughters for a father’s day post is kinda strange if they aren’t together, at least to me…and there’s other pics of all of them including the girls at various events. ..idk. ..but regardless, senseless and sad…yeah, I need to know the motive though

      1. Lol i just saw this. See the the thing is I’m the “young wolf” that ur talking about. Michael was my father and i don’t appreciate you posting something like this at all please take this and the other article down

        1. You dont know me , but I use to be your babysitter when you were about 3 months old. Mark was nothing nice then . I never got the chance to meet your dad, but I did meet your grandmother . If I remember correctly her name was Rose, and she lived on the west side of Chicago

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